Friday, July 27, 2007

Thousands Come out for Camp Jeep

Thursday July 26, 2007 11:47pm Posted By: Rachel Duncan

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Nelson County, Va -
They have come from far and wide, and they have one thing in common- they all drive Jeeps. Nelson County is holding this year's Camp Jeep. We were there and it's a lot like a big playground for big kidsTammy Winey, Jeep Enthusiast-- "Lots of rocks, lots of fun, a little mud, and here we are."

They come from all over- Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Florida- even California.

Mark Winey, Jeep Enthusiast-- "Today we did the most difficult trail. It was just right. Enough to challenge me. Enough to make my wife a little nervous."

People of all ages are here to go off-roading and get a good adrenaline rush. There's a sea of Jeeps - organizers say this year is one of the biggest yet. It's sold out.

Dianna Gutierrez, Manager of Public Relations for Jeep-- "It's a great event, and it really shows the true jeep spirit."

And with more than 10,000 people all sharing the same passion- it's not hard to find things to talk about.

Dan Lenhart, Jeep Enthusiast-- "The fellowship is unbelievable, cause you know, we have that common bond of owning a jeep. It doesn't matter what kind. We're hitting the trails and everyone is having a good time."

It's a good time - even when you're stuck in the mud. This is the 6th time Camp Jeep has been held in Nelson County. Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk and snowboarding Olympic Gold medalist, Shaun White will be putting on a show Saturday.

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