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Benz sidelined as Daimler gets name change

Benz sidelined as Daimler gets name change
Car division renamed Mercedes-Benz Cars

October 4, 2007 -- 12:00 CET
UPDATED: 10/4/07 3:55 p.m.BERLIN (Reuters) -- The corporate name DaimlerChrysler ended today as it had began nine years ago, with squabbling over what to call the carmaker.

Shareholders approved management's proposal to rename the group simply Daimler AG -- erasing an unwelcome legacy of the failed $36 billion merger in 1998 that yoked Daimler-Benz and Chrysler Group -- but only after investor grumbling.

The great-great grandniece of German automotive pioneer Carl Benz urged shareholders to restore her ancestor's name to the masthead and right a historic injustice.

"The company could also be called Benz AG," suggested Heidemarie Hirsch, whose family tree includes the man who in 1886 filed the first patent for an automobile. "Give the company back its soul!"

Eager to respect the Benz name and head off investor ire, CEO Dieter Zetsche earlier told shareholders the group will call its passenger car business Mercedes-Benz Cars.

"The proud name of Benz will not only remain prominent, it will have significantly higher visibility," he said.

The move means the premium division Mercedes Car Group will become known as Mercedes-Benz Cars, the van unit will be called Mercedes-Benz Vans and DaimlerChrysler Bank will be renamed Mercedes-Benz Bank.

Benz's company merged with that of Gottlieb Daimler in 1926 but his name was sacrificed when the now abandoned transatlantic merger with Chrysler went through.


Wrestling over the group's name nearly torpedoed the Chrysler deal at the very beginning.

With Chrysler's board of directors gathered at the New York offices of investment bank CS First Boston on the morning of May 5, 1998, to approve the merger, Chrysler Chairman Robert Eaton called former Daimler-Benz CEO Juergen Schrempp to say the group's new name had to be ChryslerDaimler-Benz.

Schrempp countered that he had already dropped Benz as a compromise and the name had to be DaimlerChrysler or else the whole deal was off.

The Chrysler chiefs backed down.

This paved the way for a transformational deal that Schrempp crowed was a marriage made in heaven, but which never lived up to its potential.

Fed up with years of yo-yo earnings, the group sold a majority stake in Chrysler to buyout group Cerberus Capital Management earlier this year.

"The group name Daimler clearly indicates that we are writing a new chapter of our history, while at the same time continuing our tradition as the inventor of the automobile," Zetsche said.

"And this rich heritage will remain an essential part of our identity -- of our DNA, so to speak," he said.

He said the company paid Ford Motor Co. $20 million earlier this year for rights for extended use of the Daimler name, which Ford's Jaguar continues to use on some high-end cars.

The name change will cost a further 70 million euros, or $98.9 million at current exchange rates, on top of the Ford payment.

In the first nine months of the year, Mercedes Car Group -- the world's second-biggest premium carmaker after BMW AG -- achieved a slight increase of 0.9 percent in vehicle sales to 942,300 units, it said before the meeting.

Mercedes Car Group includes Smart minicars and super-luxury Maybach limousines as well as the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Automobile Quarterly
Automobile Quarterly
This Day in Auto History:

Marcus Wallenberg of Saab-Scania AB is born in Stockholm, Sweden
Enzo Ferrari makes his racing debut, finishing 11th in the Parma-Poggio di Berceto hillclimb in his C.M.N.
Hans Graf von der Goltz of BMW is born in Bad Marienberg, Germany
Dr. Carl Claus, a German-born authority on powder metallurgy and Vice President of the Bound Brook Oil-Less Bearing Company, dies at age 60
Fred J. Schaefer of Franklin, Chevrolet, and Ford dies in Detroit, MI at age 53

Source: Automobile History Day By Day, by Douglas A. Wick

BAE, DaimlerChrysler Are Frontrunners for A$3 Billion Project (Update4)

By Laura Cochrane

Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) -- BAE Systems Plc, Europe's biggest military contractor, Haulmark Industries Inc. and DaimlerChrysler AG are frontrunners for Australian army contracts worth about A$3 billion ($2.6 billion).

BAE is Australia's preferred bidder to provide medium and heavy field vehicles, the government said in a statement released in Canberra today. The army may buy light vehicles from DaimlerChrysler and trailers from Haulmark, the statement said.

Australia has about 4000 troops deployed overseas, including 1,500 soldiers in Iraq serving with U.S.-led coalition forces trying to quell an insurgency. It has about 900 soldiers in Afghanistan, where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is leading international efforts to defeat Taliban rebels and stabilize the country.

New equipment is needed to ``reduce the risk to our service men and women from threats such as suicide bombers, improvised explosive devices, land mines, bullets and other projectiles,'' the government said.

The three companies will negotiate prices with Australia ``over the next few months,'' Nigel Blunden, a spokesman for Defense Minister Brendan Nelson, said in a phone interview.

Prime Minister John Howard, a key ally of President George W. Bush in the war on terrorism, said in July his government is committed to keeping troops in Iraq and a long-term deployment in Afghanistan.

Terrorist Target

Almost two-thirds of Australians opposed the nation's involvement in Iraq and nearly three-quarters said it made the country a terrorist target, according to a survey by the United States Study Centre at the University of Sydney.

BAE, based in London, won a contract extension in September valued at 45 million pounds ($92 million) to supply part of the Falcon communications network to the U.K.'s Royal Air Force. It also started work on an unmanned aerial vehicle that may be used in battle by the Air Force as part of a Ministry of Defense contract worth 124 million pounds.

Haulmark, based in Bristol, Indiana, has 460 dealers across the U.S. Stuttgart-based DailmerChrysler, which is seeking to be renamed Daimler AG after agreeing to sell the U.S. Chrysler division two months ago, is the world's largest truck maker.

To contact the reporter on this story: Laura Cochrane in Melbourne at .

eBay Challenger Auction has ended: Final Price $175,407.07

October 5th, 2007

After 119 bids, it looks like the winning bidder is ken8252. Thanks for the tip, Pat!!!!

2008 Dodge : Challenger SRT8 -

Dodge Ram has plenty of grunt factor

Graeme Fletcher, For CanWest News Service

It stands as tall as an elephant's eye and casts an imposing shadow across the urban landscape. It is the Dodge ram Mega Cab 2500. Aside from stretching a time zone or two from bumper to shiny bumper (it's 6,297 millimetres long and rides on a massive 4,077-mm wheelbase), it's the ride height that makes the pickup feel so large -- the hood line sits at shoulder height.

Clambering up to the driver's seat is a hike and a half; for those with shorter legs it takes a carefully planned two-stage climb -- one foot on the side step, grab the handle and swing up to the seat in one rather awkward motion.

Size, however, does have its advantages. It means those hogging the left lane scurry like roaches in the bright light of day whenever the oversized crosshair grille looms large in their rear-view mirror.

It also means a ton of space. With 1,123 mm of rear-seat legroom, plenty of width (2,022 mm) and reclining seatbacks, it transports three teens in unexpected comfort. There's also plenty of flexibility. With the rear seat in the upright position, there's 7.7 cubic feet of storage space in the cab.

Stowing the rear seat opens up 72.2 cu. ft. of cargo space. More importantly, all this space is easy to access and to load thanks to wide rear doors (876 mm) that open a full 85 degrees.

As for the box, the size of the cab limits length to six feet and four inches, although it does stretch out to a few inches more than eight feet when the tailgate is dropped down.

New for 2007 is a monster Cummins 6.7-litre turbodiesel that's married to a new six-speed automatic ($400) with a manual shift mode. With 350 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque on tap at 1,500 r.p.m., it has grunt to spare. It is an expensive option ($9,045), but if hauling a heavy load is the aim, it is the engine of choice. Mat the gas and the engine is transformed from a tough workhorse capable of pulling a 5,659-kilogram trailer to plain fast -- it hauls the pickup to 100 kilometres an hour in about nine seconds and does the 80-to-120-km/h passing move in eight seconds.

On the upside, the new engine is quieter than most large diesels when it's first started. That's to say it will only wake half the neighbourhood. On the flip side, it gets thirsty if most of your driving is around town -- the tester averaged 17.6 litres per 100 kilometres for the week.

The turbocharged power is relayed to the road through a part-time, shift-on-the-fly, four-wheel-drive system. I dislike the part-time design because of the constraints it puts on use. You can really only use it on a loose surface if you don't want to risk damage to the system. However, given the 2500's heavy-duty workhorse status, it is a compromise I understand.

As for ride and handling, both aspects are true to the heavy-duty truck. In order to support its payload, the suspension has to be on the stiff side.

The Mega Cab is firm but not to the point where it becomes a pain. Likewise, the pickup's size makes negotiating a faster corner a tiptoe affair, although the Mega Cab handles as well as many of its light-duty peers. The steering feels connected -- a bonus -- but the rear end and its live axle hop around too much when the road deteriorates.

Chrysler’s Road Ahead

Chrysler’s Road Ahead

Jim Press drove Toyota to the top of the U.S. car market. But can he do the same for Chrysler?

Carlos Osorio / AP
Chrysler’s new vice chairman and president, Jim Press, at company headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich.

web exclusive
By Keith Naughton
Updated: 11:13 a.m. PT Oct 4, 2007

Oct. 4, 2007 - Jim Press shocked the automotive world when he jumped from Toyota to Chrysler last month. After all, Toyota is a juggernaut that just became the world’s largest car company, while Chrysler is struggling to survive as America’s newly independent No. 3 automaker. Chrysler’s new owners, Cerberus Capital Management hope to reverse more than $2 billion in recent losses with the help of Press, Toyota’s former top U.S. executive, and his new boss, Bob Nardelli, Home Depot’s ex-CEO. Press, 60, began his new job as vice chairman at Chrysler last week, taking charge of sales, marketing and product strategy. In his first week, he dropped in on a few car dealers, drove 80 models at the company’s test track and visited the design studio, where he peppered the stylists with suggestions, including where to put the cup holders. There are already 200 design changes in the works on Chrysler’s current and future models, Press said.

All three of Toyota’s brands are above average in J.D. Power’s quality survey, while all three of Chrysler’s brands are below average. How would you assess Chrysler’s quality?
There’s no question that Toyota has been and will continue to be the benchmark for quality. But I think the Chrysler products don’t get the respect they really deserve. That was one of the appeal points that brought me here. The reality is far better than the perception. If you look at the bones of the company, the products have an inherent emotional appeal to people who can appreciate a well-engineered vehicle. As the quality comes up, you’ll see our products accelerate substantially.

Chrysler to idle more factories

Temporary closures to help slow production

Chrysler LLC, which saw its U.S. sales drop 5.4% in September compared with the same month last year, is temporarily shutting down production at more factories, according to an internal company memo obtained by the Free Press.

The Auburn Hills automaker announced Wednesday that an engine plant in Dundee would be down for one week and an assembly plant in Belvidere, Ill., would be down for two weeks, beginning next week.

The Chrysler memo, dated Thursday, added three more plants to close next week, including the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, where the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Commander are made, and a truck plant in Warren, which assembles the Dodge Ram.

Chrysler also plans to idle its Toledo North Assembly Plant. The plant began production of the new Jeep Liberty in July. Just last week, Chrysler held an event to celebrate the production launch at the factory.

Six other factories do not have any overtime scheduled for next week, the memo said: Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in Sterling Heights, Toluca Assembly Plant in Mexico, Newark Assembly Plant in Delaware, the Saltillo plant in Mexico and St. Louis South Assembly Plant.

Chrysler spokeswoman Michele Tinson attributed the shutdowns to "adjusting production to meet tough market conditions."

Earlier this week, Darryl Jackson, Chrysler vice president of U.S. sales, said the automaker's U.S. sales were affected by a more than 20% decrease in fleet sales during September, compared with the same month last year. The company declined to give a more specific number.

Vehicles the Belvidere plant makes -- the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass and Patriot -- had a rough September. Compass sales were down 19% compared with September 2006, for example.

"They've certainly got to cut back. They are just producing too much," said Erich Merkle, director of forecasting for IRN Inc. He added that a shutdown at Toledo North just as production was beginning on a new vehicle is not a good sign.

"Even though they came out with the all-new Liberty, the competitive landscape has still changed internally at Jeep in the fact that they've got this four-door Wrangler out there," he said. Wrangler sales were up 78% last month compared with September 2006.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Automobile Quarterly
Automobile Quarterly
This Day in Auto History:

Frederic Garrett Donner of General Motors is born in Three Oaks, MI
The Montlhery race track near Paris, France opens with a two-day series of races
Russell Joseph Saunders of the Freightliner Corporation is born in San Mateo, CA
Racer Bob Morris is born in Australia
Tooling is approved for the 1957 Packard Clipper using a slightly modified Studebaker body shell

Source: Automobile History Day By Day, by Douglas A. Wick

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chrysler to close plant in Illinois for 2 weeks

October 4, 2007

Chrysler LLC will shut down its Belvidere, Ill., assembly plant for two weeks beginning Monday.

The Belvidere facility, which employs 3,815 people, makes the Dodge Caliber, Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot.

Chrysler spokeswoman Michele Tinson attributed the shutdown to adjusting "production to tough market conditions."

(JOSHUA LOTT/Associated Press)

Chrysler is shutting its Belvidere, Ill., plant, which employs 3,815 people. The plant makes the Dodge Caliber, at left, as well as the Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot.

On Tuesday, the company said Compass sales in September were down 19% and Caliber sales were off 20% compared with the same month last year.

In a conference call with analysts and journalists Tuesday, Darryl Jackson, Chrysler vice president of U.S. sales, called slowing sales of the Caliber, Compass and Patriot "a direct result of our fleet reduction."

Chrysler reduced its overall fleet sales by more than 20% in September compared with September 2006, Jackson said. He declined to give a specific number.

Chrysler's U.S. sales dropped 5.4% in September compared with last year.

Tinson said the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance in Dundee, which makes small engines, would be down next week.

MOPAR Motorsports Update

Kansas: Dodge teams race quotes (
By autopduser

Race Result: Lifelock 400., UK - Sep 30, 2007 Elliott Sadler #19 Dodge Dealers Dodge Evernham Motorsports 210 laps 9. Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers Dodge Evernham Motorsports 210 laps 10. ...

Evernham Motorsports -

holcomb motorsports civil wars pics from rockingham dragway
By t.lewis

Franchitti to Ganassi? <,730276,736473#msg-736473>
By DaveEllis

Franchitti will become the first European driver in the 59-year history of NASCAR to join the series full time when he assumes the driving duties of #40 Dodge Avenger next season. "Any time you can sign a driver of Dario's caliber you ...

Oil slips on inventory surge

Surprise jump in crude stocks sends prices lower; gasoline inventories post surprise dip.

NEW YORK ( -- Oil prices retreated Wednesday after the government reported a surprising surge in oil inventories.

U.S. light crude for November delivery briefly fell below the $80 a barrel mark before rebounding. At 10:36 a.m. ET, it was up 12 cents to $80.17 a barrell after having been up 31 cents to $80.37 just prior to the report's 10:30 a.m. release.

In its weekly inventory report, the Energy Information Administration said crude stocks gained by 1.2 million barrels last week. Analysts were looking for a decline of 400,000 barrels according to Dow Jones.

Distillates, used to make heating oil and diesel fuel, fell by 1.2 million barrels while gasoline supplies eased by 100,000 barrels. Analysts were looking for an increase of 700,000 barrels in distillate supplies and a gain of 400,000 in gasoline stockpiles.

Crude prices have pulled back from record highs in December, but have remained above $80 a barrel, helped by the weakened U.S.

Dodge Charger commercial shot in Deep Ellum

Daimler-Chrysler Settles Death Claim for Dodge Ram 2500 Defect

attorney photo

Editor: Brent Adams

Firm: Brent Adams & Associates

Fayetteville Personal Injury Lawyer

Daimler-Chrysler has settled a wrongful death claim brought by the family of Felix Lassiter who was killed as the result of a defect in his 2004 Dodge Ram 2500.

On March 20, 2004, Mr. Lassiter, a farmer in South Montgomery County, Alabama, parked his defective truck in order to get out and open a gate on his farm. As he got out of the truck, the vehicle started backing up suddenly and ran over him.

Although Mr. Lassiter thought that his truck was in "park", it was not.

The defect related to the fact that there was significant dead-space between "park" and "reverse" on the gear shift.

When the truck backed over Mr. Lassiter, it broke his leg. Unfortunately, he never recovered from this broken leg and his health progressively declined. His doctors testified that his death was related to complications associated with his broken leg.

In March of 2006, Daimler-Chrysler had recalled the 2003-2005 model Dodge Ram trucks. The manufacturer had concluded that, in certain circumstances when a driver has not placed the shift lever fully into the "park" position and leaves the engine running, the vehicle may unexpectedly move rearward after seeming to be stable. It is the unintended rearward movement that causes injury to those in or near the vehicle.

It is not unusual with diesel trucks for drivers to leave their engine running if they are going to be out of the vehicle for short periods of time.

In connection with the recall, Daimler-Chrysler installed out-of-park alarms to notify operators that the trucks are not fully in the "park" position.

Daimler-Chrysler settled the claim but required that the amount of the settlement be held confidential.

The family was represented by the prominent products liability firm of former Alabama Lt. Governor, Jere Beasley.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Wrongful Death.

Chrysler LLC Announces Overall September 2007 U.S. Sales Down 5 Percent, With Retail Up and Fleet Down as Planned

   - Chrysler brand car sales rise 10 percent over September 2006 led by
Sebring Sedan and Convertible
- Jeep(R) brand sales down 11 percent year-over-year with retail up and
fleet down, driven by planned fleet reductions
- Jeep Wrangler sales increased 71 percent versus last year
- Dodge brand sales up 5 percent from the same period last year, driven by
Ram Pickup and Nitro
- Dealer inventory down 15 percent or 82,000 units versus September 2006

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Chrysler LLC reported U.S.
sales for September 2007 of 159,799 units; down 5 percent compared to
September 2006 with 168,888 units sold. All sales figures are reported as
"With the overall industry down versus September 2006, Chrysler retail
sales remain strong," said Darryl Jackson, Vice President - U.S. Sales.
"Our fleet sales continue to trend down more than 20 percent driving the
overall sales decrease for the month. This is directly in line with our
plan to reduce daily rental fleet during the second half of the year."
Chrysler brand car sales were led by Sebring Sedan which posted sales
of 4,418 units and Sebring Convertible which finished the month with sales
of 1,639 units. Chrysler Aspen sales rose 8 percent versus August 2007 with
3,875 units.
Jeep(R) brand sales were down 11 percent year-over-year with retail
sales up and fleet down driven by planned fleet reductions, while Wrangler
posted gains. Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited posted sales of 8,605
units, up 71 percent versus September 2006.
Dodge brand sales increased 5 percent over last year led by Dodge Ram
which posted a gain of 20 percent. The all-new Dodge Nitro was up 2 percent
over August 2007.
"Our sell down on 2007 models is going very well and in October we will
continue to offer aggressive lease and retail payments for our customers,"
said Michael Keegan, Vice President - Volume Planning and Sales Operations.
"We will extend the 0% APR offering for 60 months on more 2007 models
through the end of the month."
Chrysler finished the month with 450,733 units of inventory, or a
71-day supply. Inventory is down by 15 percent compared to September 2006
when it was at 533,220 units.
Chrysler LLC U.S. Sales Summary Thru September 2007

Month Sales DR % Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change Change

Sebring 6,057 1,664 279% 264%
300 9,231 10,632 -10% -13%
Crossfire 501 1,431 -64% -65%
PT Cruiser 6,140 10,675 -40% -42%
Aspen 3,875 734 449% 428%
Pacifica 4,183 7,446 -42% -44%
Town & Country 8,681 14,629 -38% -41%
CHRYSLER BRAND 38,668 47,211 -15% -18%
Compass 2,852 3,680 -19% -23%
Patriot 4,245 0 0% 0%
Wrangler 8,605 5,032 78% 71%
Liberty 6,830 12,367 -43% -45%
Grand Cherokee 10,419 11,034 -2% -6%
Commander 4,509 9,780 -52% -54%
JEEP BRAND 37,460 41,893 -7% -11%
Caliber 6,348 8,243 -20% -23%
Avenger 8,318 0 0% 0%
Charger 9,265 10,228 -6% -9%
Viper 24 110 -77% -78%
Magnum 3,628 3,668 3% -1%
Dakota 4,188 4,617 -6% -9%
Ram P/U 30,100 25,081 25% 20%
Caravan 10,417 18,493 -41% -44%
Durango 2,850 5,652 -48% -50%
Nitro 7,044 966 658% 629%
Sprinter 1,489 2,288 -32% -35%
DODGE BRAND 83,671 79,784 9% 5%

TOTAL CHRYSLER LLC 159,799 168,888 -2% -5%

TOTAL CAR 40,053 33,716 24% 19%
TOTAL TRUCK 119,746 135,172 -8% -11%
Selling Days 25 26

Sales CYTD DR % Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change Change

Sebring 68,277 46,726 46% 46%
300 90,251 106,107 -15% -15%
Crossfire 8,290 7,381 12% 12%
PT Cruiser 77,383 106,114 -27% -27%
Aspen 22,468 734 2961% 2961%
Pacifica 42,874 60,885 -30% -30%
Town & Country 99,134 127,053 -22% -22%
CHRYSLER BRAND 408,677 455,000 -10% -10%
Compass 31,273 6,448 385% 385%
Patriot 27,612 0 0% 0%
Wrangler 92,549 54,234 71% 71%
Liberty 68,865 103,214 -33% -33%
Grand Cherokee 93,246 109,158 -15% -15%
Commander 50,124 64,829 -23% -23%
JEEP BRAND 363,669 337,883 8% 8%
Caliber 80,352 68,001 18% 18%
Avenger 59,148 0 0% 0%
Charger 89,490 87,768 2% 2%
Viper 348 1,113 -69% -69%
Magnum 22,342 32,646 -32% -32%
Dakota 41,376 61,473 -33% -33%
Ram P/U 276,978 275,225 1% 1%
Caravan 130,472 170,351 -23% -23%
Durango 37,511 53,417 -30% -30%
Nitro 55,789 966 5675% 5675%
Sprinter 11,193 16,777 -33% -33%
DODGE BRAND 806,477 835,065 -3% -3%

TOTAL CHRYSLER LLC 1,578,823 1,627,948 -3% -3%

TOTAL CAR 407,534 394,407 3% 3%
TOTAL TRUCK 1,171,289 1,233,541 -5% -5%
Selling Days 230 230


High Speed Chase Ends In Crash

Suspects Vehicle Linked To Car Burglaries

POSTED: 6:57 am PDT October 2, 2007
UPDATED: 11:07 am PDT October 2, 2007

A pickup truck being chased by police overturned in Chula Vista early Tuesday, injuring two suspected burglars inside, authorities said.The two suspects, whose names were unavailable after the roughly 4:20 a.m. crash, were taken to a hospital for injuries considered non-life-threatening, according to San Diego police Sgt. Garry Collins.Police started pursuing the Dodge Ram on Servando Avenue in San Ysidro at 4:18 a.m., because it matched the description of a vehicle linked to recent car burglaries in the area, Collins said.
The driver of the Dodge sped up and wound through city streets until he crashed at 4:21 a.m. as he tried to get on northbound Interstate 5 via the L Street onramp, he said

Chrysler Canada Appoints New Vice President of Marketing

- Mark Bosanac to replace Judy Wheeler as Marketing VP
- Bosanac brings a broad variety of experience and a focus on retail
- September marks 14 months of sales growth

WINDSOR, ON, Oct. 2 /CNW/ - Chrysler Canada today announces the
appointment of Mark Bosanac as Vice President - Marketing. In this position,
Mr. Bosanac is responsible for all Canadian vehicle product planning, volume
planning, marketing strategies, brand development, national and dealer
advertising, Five Star programs, dealer training, IT, National Dealer Council
and customer relationship management initiatives. He reports directly to Reid
Bigland - President and CEO, Chrysler Canada.
Prior to his new position, Mr. Bosanac was Director of Sales Planning and
Programs (incentives) at the Chrysler LLC headquarters in Auburn Hills,
Michigan. He has an extensive background in Chrysler Sales and Marketing
specifically in the areas of retail sales, incentives planning, and working
with Chrysler dealers and business centres.
"Mark brings with him a breadth of experience and a laser beam-like focus
on retail sales, the market place and dealers that will help our team
successfully launch new models and maintain our sales success," said Reid
Bigland, President and CEO, Chrysler Canada. "As we continue to offer new,
fuel-efficient Chrysler, Jeep(R) and Dodge vehicles we have an opportunity to
continue growing our business. Mark's determination and extensive industry
knowledge will help us work with our dealers to get these new models into the
hands of our customers."
Mr. Bosanac has worked for Chrysler since 1986 and holds a Bachelor's
Degree in Marketing from Adrian College and a Master's degree in Business
Management from Michigan State University.
Mr. Bosanac replaces Judy Wheeler who was recently appointed Director,
International Marketing and Communications and is responsible for the
International Marketing and Communications strategies and plans for the
Chrysler Group outside of North America.
Chrysler Canada recently launched many new models such as Dodge Grand
Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Jeep Patriot.
The success of these and other vehicles has led to 14 straight months of sales
growth, with even more new models hitting showrooms in the coming months.

Chrysler sales down 5%

Chrysler LLC saw its U.S. sales drop 5% in September compared to the same month last year, the company said this afternoon.

The Auburn Hills automaker, which sells cars and trucks under the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands, sold 159,799 vehicles last month.“Our fleet sales continue to trend down more than 20 percent driving the overall sales decrease for the month. This is directly in line with our plan to reduce daily rental fleet during the second half of the year,” said Darryl Jackson, Chrysler vice president of U.S. sales, in a statement.

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1969 DODGE CHARGER Here it is folks, The Movie Car experts have done it again! A REPLICA of the famous DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY CHARGER! Thats right, the famous Charger R/T that the coppers with the hemi couldn't catch! WOW When is the last time you saw one of these

Price: $24,999.

Call Luedtke Auto Group
847-265-1234 LAKE VILLA, IL

Automobile Quarterly
Automobile Quarterly
This Day in Auto History:

The Paris-Marseille-Paris race ends during its tenth day with M. Mayade winning in his Panhard et Levassor
The Ford Motor Company announces its entry into the bus business
Harry R. McMahon, founder in 1914 and President 1914-1936 of the Standard Steel Spring Company, dies in Coraopolis Heights, PA at age 64
The first post-World War II Chevrolet automobile is produced
William F. Pioch Sr., a manufacturing engineering consultant to the Ford Motor Company and an employee of the firm since 1912, dies

Source: Automobile History Day By Day, by Douglas A. Wick

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chrysler to offer dual-clutch transmissions

According to Automotive News (via, by 2010 Chrysler will be offering dual-clutch transmissions. It's also reported that they will have 6 speeds, and will see initial service with the Phoenix V6 family of engines, and will eventually find their way into a new line of diesels that Chrysler is working on. These new transmissions will be built by Getrag.

The beauty of dual-clutch transmissions is that they transmit power quicker to the wheels than either a traditional manual or automatic transmissions, and usually also get better fuel mileage.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Launched in Japan

tokyo auto show

mitsubishi_evo_jdm.jpgMitsubishi's made the long-awaited Evo X official in Japan, releasing a spec sheet on the JDM version of its Lancer of Lancers. With a new 2.0-liter MIVEC four and a new (or, in some cases, improved) set of AWD drivetrain components -- including a new twin-clutch transmission (SST) -- and running gear, the car that taught a generation of boy-racer types what "yaw" means will debut at the equivalent of $30,388 ($32,605 with twin-clutch SST transmission). A stripped-down, weight-reduced RS competition model will go for $26,042. No word on US pricing. The SST automanual will debut in November. The company says, as always, the Evo's development goal is "to make the car as fast as possible, while also making it as safe to drive as possible." Simplicity is good.

Press Release:

MMC launches Lancer Evolution X -- new-generation high-performance 4WD sedan

-- Advanced technology drives superior road performance: driving pleasure plus safety --

Lancer Evolution X

Tokyo, October 1, 2007 -- Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces today that it will launch the Lancer Evolution X high-performance 4WD sedan, newest of the company's legendary vehicles, on October 1 at dealerships throughout Japan. Featuring a new platform, engine, and exterior and interior designs, the totally redesigned 2.0-liter model will carry a tax-inclusive price tag ranging from \2,997,750 to \3,750,600. Models fitted with the Twin Clutch SST transmission are due to be launched towards the end of November.

The development goal for the new Lancer Evolution X was to make the car as fast as possible, while also making it as safe to drive as possible. To that end Lancer Evolution X is loaded with the very latest in automotive engineering technology, including the S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) vehicle dynamics control system and the newly developed, power-efficient Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission). Lancer Evolution X is a new-generation high-performance 4WD sedan that allows a new category of driver access to Mitsubishi's dynamic driving experience by underpinning speed with control, security and safety.

* Lancer Evolution X's handsome and aggressive functional design presents an intimidating and exciting aerodynamic exterior suggestive of its superior road performance. This is complemented by a functional interior that encourages the driver to concentrate fully on piloting his machine. Lancer Evolution X uses the front end design identity common to all new Mitsubishi Motors sedans (inverted-slant nose with a trapezoidal grille design) first seen on the new Galant Fortis*. As well as shouting loud the aggressive qualities that mark a high performance sports sedan, the front fascia is crafted for optimum aerodynamic performance.

* Lancer Evolution X realizes very high levels of motive and driving performance thanks to its new high-output and lightweight 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC turbocharged engine with aluminum block, an all-new body and stiffer suspension. Despite its turbocharged pedigree the new model earns a 3-star rating for emissions that are 50% lower than the requirements of the Japanese 2005 standards. And complementing its powerful and clean road performance is the kind of a safety specification one would expect of a new-generation high-performance model: SRS dual-stage airbags for driver and front passenger, SRS knee airbag for driver and adaptive front lighting system (AFS) are all standard equipment on the GSR trim level.

* The Twin Clutch SST is a 6-speed automated manual transmission incorporating a dual automated clutch system to deliver lightning-fast, slick shifting for feel-good acceleration; while it also provides high-efficiency power transmission for outstanding fuel economy. In keeping with the higher output and torque developed by the new engine, Lancer Evolution X is offered with a new 5-speed manual transmission that delivers smoother shifting and improved shift feel for those who prefer the joys and more direct control of manual shifting.

* All Lancer Evolution X GSR models are fitted with the S-AWC vehicle dynamics control system. The system intelligently manages several component systems to regulate drive torque and braking force at each wheel, reading and reflecting driver intent in real time over a wide range of situations. This allows drivers of all abilities to enjoy sporty driving with peace of mind.

* Lancer / Lancer EX in overseas markets.

I . Lancer Evolution X walkaround

1. Model lineup

Sporting the S-AWC and Twin Clutch SST and other cutting-edge automotive technology as well as a more comprehensive functional and convenience equipment specification, the GSR trim level (also available with a 5-speed manual transmission) leads the new Lancer Evolution X lineup. The lineup also continues to offer the RS competition base model, with a less comprehensive and simplified equipment specification to reduce weight to a minimum.

To meet customers' wide-ranging expectations in a high-performance sports sedan, the GSR trim level is available with the following option packages:
High Performance Package: Raises the bar a notch further in terms of driving performance.
Stylish Exterior Package: Adds classy dressup elements to the exterior.
Leather Combination Interior: For a more uptown and comfortable interior.

Also available is the Premium Package that combines all these packages and adds 18-inch BBS lightweight alloy wheels to meld the ultimate in performance with a classy and quality appearance.

2. Exterior

The exterior is crafted with sophisticated and aggressive styling to give the low-and-wide squat stance body an aerodynamically clean profile that flows liquidly from the inverted-slant nose over the roof to the tail end, using wind-tunnel proven aero parts.

* Molded around the inverted-slant nose and trapezoidal grille, the aggressive and powerful front fascia features larger air intake openings and new ducting for superior engine cooling and aerodynamics and leaves no doubt as to Lancer Evolution X's high performance.

* The engine hood air outlet and fender vents effectively exhaust heat from the engine compartment. Together with the engine hood air scoop that supplies cooling air to the turbocharger these elements give vivid accent to Evolution X's exterior looks.

* The oversize rear spoiler -- standard on the GSR -- uses a twisted-section wing panel with different attack angles at its ends and in the center portion to match the airflow over the body surface.

* A large undercover rectifies underbody airflow for better aerodynamics and also improves drivetrain cooling. The underside of the rear bumper employs a diffuser design that helps to exhaust the underbody airflow more effectively and also adds a distinguishing touch to the rear view.

* The Stylish Exterior Package option uses a chrome finish for the front grille lattice and beltline molding, body color-keyed fender vents and adds fog lamps to give the exterior a touch of uptown elegance.

* The GSR trim level is offered in a lineup of five body colors designed to strongly project a functionally aesthetic image and including a vividly sporty Red Metallic and a new classy and deep-hue Phantom Black Pearl. RS is offered in two body colors, including White Solid which is exclusive to this trim level.

3. Interior

The interior design places emphasis on functional and operational elements to encourage and allow the driver to concentrate on operating his machine while at the same time realizing levels of comfort and quality that expected in a new-generation sports sedan.

* Seats are done by Recaro -- well-known for providing excellent location, hold, and for alleviating fatigue on longer journeys -- with a new full bucket front seat design. The new seats offer additional safety, accommodating the factory-fitted optional SRS side airbag; and comfort, with improved seating feeling, easier exit and entry and a less "constraining" feeling. The rear seats feature a central armrest with handy cup holders.

* Lancer Evolution X uses a small diameter steering wheel designed for smooth operation; its genuine leather wrap provides a positive and comfortable fitment to the hand. For optimum operability the S-AWC mode selector is located on the left spoke. (The selector is located on the shift lever panel on models with the factory-fitted MMCS HDD navigation system option, in which case the steering wheel spokes are used to locate the remote audio controls.)

* Lancer Evolution X uses a high-contrast instrumentation cluster providing excellent viewability. A Multi-information Display provides the driver with at-a-glance vehicle status information, including: fuel remaining, Twin Clutch SST mode, and S-AWC operating mode.

* The dashboard uses a bowed design with the center panel offset toward the driver that provides more knee space and realizes a functional and comfortable cockpit environment for the driver.

* The black interior color scheme uses silver accents on the steering wheel spokes, shift lever panel and other operating controls to impart a look that is sporty and also evoke the feeling of a precision instrument.

* The Leather Combination Interior package uses leather combination seat upholstery (genuine leather with Glanluxe*1), doors and floor console lid trimmed in soft synthetic leather and aluminum front scuff plates. The package also boosts sound insulation, making for a classier and more comfortable interior.

*1: An artificial suede-finish leather made by Seiren Co., Ltd.

4. Powertrain


* Lancer Evolution X is powered by a new turbocharged engine that adds a high-performance turbocharger to the 4B11-type 2.0-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC MIVEC unit used in the Galant Fortis. Developing more power over the full rev range, this engine generates more torque at 422 Nm (43.0 kg-m)/3500 rpm and has better response than its 4G63 predecessor. The new engine is also lighter and returns better environmental performance.

* The application of continuously variable valve timing technology (MIVEC) to both intake and exhaust camshafts realizes valve timing optimally matched to engine speed and load to stabilize combustion characteristics and allow the engine to develop more power over the full rev range. It also improves emissions performance. Lancer Evolution X earns a 3-star rating for emissions that are 50% under the Japanese 2005 Emissions Standards levels.

* The new engine, excluding auxiliary equipment, is 12 kg lighter than the 4G63 thanks to the use of a die-cast aluminum cylinder block, head cover and chain case.

* Using a titanium-aluminum alloy turbine wheel and aluminum alloy compressor wheel, the turbocharger features a shape-optimized compressor wheel that improves boost response and increases low-end and mid-range torque.

* The adoption of a rearward facing exhaust manifold layout has, as well as improving exhaust efficiency, allowed the engine to be mounted lower, lowering the center of gravity. Other innovations have reduced intake/exhaust system losses and valvetrain friction, contributing to improved engine performance.


* The GSR is available with the new Twin Clutch SST 6-speed automated manual transmission that eliminates the need for a clutch pedal and provides slick, smooth shifting. Twin Clutch SST puts odd (1st, 3rd, 5th) and even (2nd, 4th and 6th) gears on separate input shafts each with its own clutch and, through tight cooperative control with the engine, switches between these clutches to realize seamless and lightning-fast shifting for feel-good acceleration. Because it uses clutches rather than a torque converter to transmit power, Twin Clutch SST allows superior power transmission efficiency with little loss of motive power and returns excellent fuel economy. Twin Clutch SST allows the driver to choose between Autoshift fully automatic shifting and Manual Shift, where the driver can change gears as with a manual transmission. A toggle switch located at the base of the shift selector allows the driver to choose between Normal, Sport and Super Sport modes for the optimum shift scheduling for a wide variety of situations ranging from driving around town to tracing a tight line on a winding road.

* Twin Clutch SST models are fitted as standard with steering column-mounted lightweight magnesium paddle shifters that allow the driver to shift manually without taking his hand off the steering wheel.

* For drivers who enjoy having more direct control over their machine, the GSR is available with a new 5-speed manual transmission. (The RS is only available with this manual gearbox.) Benefiting from the know-how Mitsubishi Motors has accumulated in the motorsport arena the new manual gearbox features a greater torque capacity to handle the higher torque generated by the new turbocharged engine without growing in size. First to fourth gears use close ratios. 1st gear uses a lower ratio than previously for better standing acceleration while 5th gear uses a higher ratio for more comfortable high-speed cruising. The new transmission uses multi-cone synchronizer rings on all gears for smoother shifting and a more positive shift feel as well as for improved durability.

5. Chassis


* Lancer Evolution X's new platform achieves significant increases in body stiffness, with gains in torsional and flexural stiffness of 40% and 60% respectively over Lancer Evolution IX MR. This results in better handling stability and crashworthiness, as well as in improved ride and in reduced vibration and noise, to realize levels of quality and comfort that befit a new-generation sports sedan.

* Lancer Evolution X's wider track and longer wheelbase not only create a more spacious living space but also bring improved stability and ride. Other factors contributing to the new model's improved handling include its lower center of gravity stemming from the lower powertrain, and better front/rear weight distribution resulting from the lower engine weight, a front overhang that is 20 mm shorter than on the Lancer Evolution IX MR, and the transfer of the battery to the trunk.

* To reduce weight and lower the center of gravity, aluminum is used in the roof panel, front fenders and the rear spoiler frame structure.

Suspension & tires

* While based on the MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension arrangement used on previous models in the series, Lancer Evolution X features a revamped suspension layout with wider tracks and 18-inch tires. Geometry optimization and greater stiffness in the mountings maximizes the contact patch and allows S-AWC to perform to its full potential as well as bringing improved straight line stability, cornering and ride.

* GSR comes standard with 245/40R18 wide and low-aspect tires on 18-inch Enkei 12-spoke high-rigidity cast alloy wheels. 18-inch BBS lightweight alloy wheels are also available as a factory-fitted option for GSR and add a distinctive custom touch with a luster finish.

* GSR comes standard with brembo 18-inch front and 17-inch rear ventilated disc brakes. The increased disc size improves stopping power and fade resistance as well as improving brake pedal feel.

* The factory-fitted High Performance Package comprises the Bilstein single tube shock absorbers and Eibach coil springs used on Lancer Evolution IX MR. It also includes brembo 2-piece disc brakes that realize a saving of 1.3 kg at each wheel and high performance tires with stiffer walls and better grip. This package brings further improvements in grip, steering response, stability and cornering.

4WD system (S-AWC)

* The GSR trim level comes with Mitsubishi Motors' own 4WD vehicle dynamics control system S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) standard. For Lancer Evolution X, Active Stability Control (ASC) has been added to the ACD*2, AYC*3 and Sport ABS*4 component systems featured in previous Lancer Evolution. S-AWC uses integrated management of these systems to exert high-precision control on drive torque and brake force at each wheel to enhance cornering and stability under all conditions from everyday driving to emergency evasion; thereby producing vehicle behavior that faithfully reflects driver intent. S-AWC offers three operating modes -- TARMAC for dry, paved surfaces; GRAVEL for wet or unmade surfaces, and SNOW for snow covered surfaces -- allowing the driver to select the mode best suited to current road surface conditions and realize greater stability.

*2: ACD (Active Center Differential)
The Active Center Differential uses an electronically-controlled hydraulic multi-plate clutch to optimize front/rear wheel torque split and thereby produce the best balance between traction and steering response.
*3: AYC (Active Yaw Control)
AYC uses a torque transfer mechanism in the rear differential to control rear wheel torque differential for different driving conditions and so limit the yaw moment that acts on the vehicle body and thus enhance cornering performance. AYC now features yaw rate feedback control using a yaw rate sensor to more accurately determine the cornering dynamics on a real-time basis. And the addition of braking force control allows the system to realize vehicle behavior that more closely mirrors driver intent.
*4: Sport ABS (Sport Anti-lock Brake System)
ABS allows the driver to maintain directional control and keeps the vehicle stable by preventing the wheels from locking under heavy braking or when braking on slippery surfaces. The addition of yaw rate sensors and brake pressure sensors to the Sport ABS system has improved braking performance through corners.
*5: Active Stability Control (ASC)
The ASC system stabilizes vehicle attitude while maintaining optimum traction by regulating engine power and the braking force at each wheel. ASC elevates vehicle stability by suppressing skidding in an emergency evasion maneuver or as the result of other sudden steering inputs. It also improves traction under acceleration by preventing the driving wheels from spinning on slippery surfaces.

6. Peace of mind / Safety specifications

* Standard on GSR are driver and front passenger SRS dual-stage airbags (driver dual-stage airbag standard on RS), the inflation pressure of which is controlled to match the severity of the impact, and the driver SRS knee airbag used on the Delica D:5 and Galant Fortis. SRS side and curtain airbags are available as factory-fitted options.

* GSR comes standard with discharge headlights and the adaptive front lighting system (AFS), in which auxiliary lights turn in the same direction as the steering wheel to increase the area of road illuminated and improve driver visibility at night.

* Rain-sensitive auto wipers that adjust wipe speed and interval to rain intensity and auto light control that monitors the intensity of peripheral light, turning the headlights on or off accordingly, are factory-fitted options on the GSR.

* All models come standard with an engine immobilizer and security alarm to deter theft. (The security alarm is standard on the GSR only.)

7. Audio / Utility

* The GSR trim level is available with the Mitsubishi Motors Communication System (MMCS) as a factory-fitted option which comprises a 30Gb hard disk drive audio/navigation system with 7-inch LCD screen.

* Available as a factory-fitted option on the GSR is the Rockford Fosgate premium sound system -- well received on the Outlander and other models. The system uses a 650-Watt amplifier and nine speakers to deliver awesome high-fidelity sound assisted by the use of acoustic and damping material to seal off openings inside the doors and turn them into speaker boxes.

* Available as a factory-fitted option on the GSR is a keyless operating system that allows the driver to lock or unlock the doors and to start or stop the engine without having to take the remote unit out of pocket or handbag.

* Standard on all models is the Mitsubishi Motors ETACS (Electric Time and Alarm Control System) system. The system controls the operating environment for the Comfort Flasher -- a dab on the flasher stalk causes the turn signal to flash three times; very handy when changing lanes -- and the headlight auto-off feature which prevents accidental drainage of the battery and other electronic systems fitted to Lancer Evolution X.

II . Sales information
1. Sales target: 4,000 units (FY2007 total)

2. Available at: Mitsubishi dealerships throughout Japan

3. Manufacturer's recommended retail price (MMRP)

Trim level
4-cyl. 2.0-liter 16-valve DOHC MIVEC with intercooler-turbocharger; 5M/T Full-time 4WD (S-AWC): Y3,495,450
Twin Clutch SST: Y3,750,600

5M/T Full-time 4WD: Y2,997,750

N.B. Prices exclusive of recycling surcharge, insurance, taxes (but inclusive of consumption tax) and registration costs.

* Twin Clutch SST version due to be launched in late November

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Faurecia ordered to pay $10M in breach of confidentiality

By Ryan Beene Canadian auto parts supplier Multimatic Inc. was awarded nearly $10 million by the U.S. District Court in Detroit for a breach-of-confidentiality lawsuit that the company brought against Faurecia Interior Systems U.S.A. Inc. in 2005.

Multimatic had sought $40 million in damages and was represented by Young & Susser P.C. of Southfield.

“In an era in which technology and intellectual property are increasingly treated as commodities, this verdict is truly a vindication for those companies that value innovation and the right to protect one’s competitive advantage,” Steven Susser, a shareholder of the firm, said in a statement.The two companies signed a confidentiality agreement in February 2004 under which the French parts supplier would protect Multimatic’s design and technology for a proprietary crossbeam. Faurecia wanted to use the crossbeam to mount instrument panels in Chrysler’s JS program, the code name for the replacement for the Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Stratus cars.

In April 2005, Faurecia violated the confidentiality agreement when it shopped for bids to manufacture Multimatic’s crossbeam design from Multimatic competitors.

Multimatic, of Markham, Ontario, sued in June 2005, and the case went to trial last month.Faurecia North America’s U.S. headquarters is in Auburn Hills.From Automotive News

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Automobile Quarterly
This Day in Auto History:

Semon Emil “Bunkie” Knudsen of General Motors and the Ford Motor Company is born in Buffalo, NY
Racer Giorgio Scarlatti is born in Rome, Italy
Construction begins on the new Ford-Werke AG factory in Cologne, Germany
The Rolls-Royce Phantom III, featuring a V-12 engine, is announced
The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) splits the Grand Prix competitions into Formula 1 and Formula 2

Source: Automobile History Day By Day, by Douglas A. Wick