Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thanks for the massive debt, here's a Jeep: Buy a log cabin, get a Wrangler

Just as the Prius is an essential piece of kit if you desire to wrap yourself in the color green, if being ever-ready is what you'd like to exude, buy a house. Not just any house, mind you - that'd be like a Greenie stripped of their Starbucks intravenous drip, Livestrong bracelet, and Macintosh laptop. If it's backwood rancher/Eagle Scout that you're looking to portray, no domicile will do better than a log cabin. Of course, while the outside says 1885, modern log cabins are a luxury item commonly purchased as a weekend home for the well-heeled, or as a retirement home. Canada-based Pioneer Log Homes has just launched a UK branch, and customers that purchase a model called "The Anchorage" will be rewarded with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited left in the drive when construction's done.

The two products definitely go together. Both the home and the 4-wheeler look like they could've been hewn with the same axe, offering a certain rugged charm. We like the idea, mainly because a vacation home is a delightful aspiration, as is a Wrangler. Pioneer says you don't have to be a millionaire to afford one of their homes, with a starting point of £650 per square meter. Let's see, multiply by two, divide by nine, hot damn - that's actually not terrible! At today's exchange rate, that square meter cost works out to about $150 per square foot. You could always turn around and sell the Jeep to pay down the mortgage.

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[Source: Pioneer Log Homes]

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