Friday, July 27, 2007

Chery and Dodge to work together to make new brand?

We at China Car Times towers are hearing rumors that Chery and Dodge, already in a deep joint venture over the A1 and A3 are planning to work together to make an entirely new brand for emerging markets where neither marques have presence (we’re thinking the Indian market). The original deal with Chery will see the Chery A1 going to Mexico before January next year, but carrying the Dodge logo and stickering. Other models, which have yet to be announced will be going to the USA in 2009.

We’ve got this snippet of news to share:

China’s Chery Automobile and its US partner Chrysler are discussing the possibility of creating a new brand to make forays into emerging markets where neither has a presence now, according to a source.

The source, who asked not to be named, told China Daily that the two firms intend to jointly develop small models that would not bear a Chery or a Chrysler badge for markets such as India.

“The two parties also intend to form a joint venture responsible for marketing these new-brand cars,” the source said. But the source wouldn’t reveal the name of the new brand or other details.

The Chery spokesman was not available for comments yesterday. A Chrysler China official refused to comment.

Third worlders, get ready to trade your horse and cart in for a Dodge made Chery.

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