Willys Quad prototype. What, you expected DaimlerChrysler to showcase a vehicle that wasn’t built by a constituent company?

I am a hopeless packrat. As I believe anybody into collector vehicles is. I hold on to things in the belief that I may one day need them, whether I actually will or will not need them. It’s a wonder I get anything done in my garage. And this packrat-ism applies to my digital life as well. For example, back when Jeep introduced the JK Wrangler, DaimlerChrysler pulled several Jeep images out of its archives to illustrate the lineage of the new Wrangler and offered them to the press in print-friendly high resolution. I, of course, downloaded them figuring some day I’d use them. Today’s that day.

Willys MA

All the photos we’ve pretty much seen here or there before, but rarely all together in one place like this.

Willys Jeep MB or, possibly, a Ford GPW

Another MB

Willys Jeep CJ-2A



Kaiser Jeep CJ-3B

Appears to be a Willys M38-A1

For some reason, they tossed in this Wagoneer shot. Don’t know why, when they were trying to emphasize the Wrangler’s direct heritage, but we’ll take it

Kaiser Jeep CJ-5

American Motors Jeep CJ-7

American Motors Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler

They kept going on, into the square-headlamp Jeeps and beyond, but who really wants to see those?

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