Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jeep catches big air with Peavey in NYC by CC


USA - Twenty of the world's top professional snowboarders competed in a head-to-head competition in New York City's premier snowboarding rail-jam competition as part of The Union Street Square Sessions presented by Jeep. In addition to the competition, the energy-packed action sports block party provided a steady succession of DJs and live acts - including Trouble Andrew, led by Olympic snowboarder-turned-rocker Trevor Andrew - to entertain the 10,000 local spectators and an audience of millions watching on NBC's Jeep World of Adventure Sports.

Working with Doug Jastremski and Power Posse Productions, Michael Powell of Agostino Consulting enlisted a Peavey Versarray line-array sound system powered by Crest Audio to manage the live production at the second annual snowboarding competition, held in NYC's Union Square. Powell said that the highly adjustable and articulate Versarray allowed him to overcome an unconventional stage setup to establish comprehensive coverage of the area.

"The stage wasn't set up on a square, so we had to offset our setup to compensate for the awkward angle," said Powell, who has used the Peavey Versarray system on dozens of outdoor festivals in the New York/Tri-State area since summer 2007. "We normally run six VR218 subwoofers to match our six-box VR112 arrays on each side, but we cut back to five subs because we didn't have enough space - but that proved to be plenty. We ran the subs on an aux send and we had tons of headroom and clean sound. The only problem we had was the NYPD asking us to turn it down. There's nothing within $1000 that can touch the VR218 sub."

Powell used a pair of Crest Audio Pro 7200 power amplifiers, one per six VR112 boxes, for the high frequencies. One Pro 9200 per side powered the mids, while a pair of 9200s drove the five VR218 subwoofers. He chose two Crest Audio CC 4000 and two CC 2800 amps for the monitors. "We ran the entire FOH system on Crest Audio's Pro 200 Series amplifiers," said Powell. "I love Crest amps going way back; we still have some 10001 Series amps in use, and we have a 4801 for some of our four-way systems."

(Jim Evans)

(26 March 2008)

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