Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chrysler to open a public advisory board

By Yoann Besnard

Chryslerecovoyagersketch1 Chrysler will start recruiting members of the public to share their ideas over the future models the carmaker plans to launch.

The troubled carmaker has created the “Customer Advisory Board” an online forum called ChryslerListens where members of the public can give their opinions and ideas of what they want to see featured in the future models. People are not obliged to own a Chrysler model to participate, but must be over 18 years old and own a valid U.S. driving licence.

However the company plans to limit the number of members to 5,000 in order to control the flow of future information. The company has set the ambitious plan to transform an idea into a drawing within two weeks.

If Chrysler is the first carmaker to launch the initiative, Apple and Nike have been pioneering the concept for years. You can apply at ChryslerListens.

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