Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chrysler Safety Recall Notice - Defective Ignition / Park Shift Interlock

By alfonso coley, published Mar 27, 2008
Just when you presume the recalls are over, another stemming problem arises from quality assurance not able to detect defective parts and gears. One would think and assume that the past failings of the automotive industry would have got a firm handle on issues that should be resolved before any vehicle leaves the factory. Most consumers know of the strict test and rigorous inspections that a vehicle has to go threw before it gets a seal of approval. This is even more disturbing, due to the year of the vehicles that are in need of repair-to replace defective parts. Something as simple as Q&A overlooking a defective ignition gear that can render a vehicle to shift out of gear when it is in park.

The Dodge vehicles that will need a safety overhaul will be the 2001 and 2002 Dodge Ram Van/Wagon, Dakota and Durango vehicles and the 2002 Dodge Ram Pick Up.

All of theses vehicles listed are equipped with a column mounted transmission shift lever, the defective/faulty gear and part will need to be replaced immediately.

There were over a million letters mailed to customers of these vehicles. In accordance with Federal regulation required the Chrysler organization to mail these letters to the lessee within 10 days. Although Chrysler has followed the guidelines of federal regulations, many owners of these vehicles may wonder what took the Chrysler Corporation so long to detect this defect.

The problem of the ignition/park interlock system may become inoperative-even when the key is removed from the ignition starter. This can also happen if the vehicle is not in the park position even when the key is disengaged, causing the vehicle to unexpectedly roll away and crash.

The Chrysler Corporation will repair and replace any defective parts; there will be no labor cost to the owners. All owners will need to call their dealer to set up a time to have the repair or replace the steering column gear shift blocker. Most repairs will take an hour or maybe less, if the dealer does not have the parts, they will have to order them before you arrive for your appointment.

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