Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dodges dominate Daytona

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by Steve Wronkowicz

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After lackluster efforts testing, qualifying and practicing; where did all the Dodges come from?

Untitled PostThat is THE BUZZ this week ON PIT ROW. For most of Speed Weeks at Daytona everyone was focusing on the Chevy super teams. Hendrick Motorsports, Richard Childress Racing and DEI. Then testing successes by the Toyota teams shifted the focus to their new found prowess and much debate ensued.

Not much ink or bandwidth was wasted on the Ford and Dodge teams, other than the Robby Gordon story. So little credit was given to the Dodge teams that the biggest Dodge story was Kurt Busch’s run in with Tony Stewart’s fist.

When all was said and done and the checkers flew on the 50th Daytona 500, the Dodge Boys had captured the majority of top ten spots. Along with Ryan Newman’s win and Kurt’s second, Reed Sorenson, Elliott Sadler, Kasey Kahne and Robby all finished in the top eight, Only the Toyotas of Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch along with Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Chevy and Greg Biffle’s Ford made the top ten.

It is no wonder that Chrysler Corporation inked the Ganassi and Penske to new multi-year contracts to stay with Mopar.

Photo credit: BethAnne Heisler - ON PIT ROW/BRP

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