Friday, February 22, 2008

Chrysler LLC Patent Update

1 7,333,869 Full-Text Designing vehicle manufacturing workstations using ergonomic design rules
2 D560,352 Full-Text Key FOB
3 D559,153 Full-Text Automobile body
4 D558,096 Full-Text Automobile body
5 D557,637 Full-Text Automobile body
6 7,306,286 Full-Text Hold-open assembly for a recliner seat locking mechanism
7 7,304,239 Full-Text Wire routing device for a vehicle
8 7,303,505 Full-Text Method for controlling rate of change of ratio in a continuously variable transmission
9 7,302,930 Full-Text Air induction system and assembly method for an intake manifold with a single shaft and sensor for activating air control valves
10 7,301,857 Full-Text Media player including a resume function
11 7,301,479 Full-Text Trailer detection circuit for a vehicle park assist system
12 7,301,118 Full-Text Welding gun with controller and method for using same
13 7,300,697 Full-Text Reinforcement array for high modulus reinforcement of composites
14 7,300,385 Full-Text Control strategy for a dual crankshaft engine coupling arrangement
15 7,300,105 Full-Text Vehicle seat assembly and storage panel
16 7,300,099 Full-Text Clip in structural load transfer member
17 7,300,090 Full-Text Split seat stowage system
18 7,300,088 Full-Text Collapsible vehicle storage container
19 7,300,064 Full-Text Lateral control mechanism for an axle beam suspension system
20 7,299,684 Full-Text Automated tool and workspace analysis
21 7,299,677 Full-Text Vehicle occupant analysis model for vehicle impacts
22 7,297,880 Full-Text Load limiter for strain gauge occupant classification sensor
23 7,296,493 Full-Text Offset transmission shift lever and isolator arrangement
24 7,296,490 Full-Text Switch assembly for selecting among plurality of shift schedules on an electronically controlled transmission
25 7,294,085 Full-Text Three stages differential assembly and method of operating the same
26 7,294,082 Full-Text Powertrain arrangement for a skid-steer vehicle
27 7,293,465 Full-Text Conveyor diagnostic system having local positioning system
28 D554,563 Full-Text Automobile body
29 7,292,928 Full-Text Method for controlling an operating condition of a vehicle engine
30 7,292,922 Full-Text Target volume based torque phase control during upshift
31 7,288,046 Full-Text Torque converter slip control for multi-displacement engine
32 7,283,488 Full-Text J1850 application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and messaging technique

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