Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Street, Road, and Track [SRT] - back to grassroots and what to expect

By Mikethesike

Street Road and Track, known as SRT, may be returning to its grass roots this coming model year with innovation, performance, and best bang for the buck when it comes to specialty vehicles.

Already leaked information concerning the next Viper SRT10 pricing was released prior to the Reuters by an insider. A few pictures and feedback from a track preview in Memphis has hit the web. Few pics of the ready production SRT models are now circulating among uncompromising loyal SRT fans. Even a few shots of the naked coverless V10 engine were surprising had ended up in a few Viper fanatics hands.

Beefing up the SRT performance arm of Chrysler LLC with bright new engineers will be a priority this coming year, corporate worker remarked. With already a couple SRT chief replacements, the underlining goal of returning to the “KING OF THE HILL” of specialty vehicles will be priority one for Chrysler LLC. “Yes Bob [Lutz], we planned to SHAME YOUR CORVETTE SS version”, quoted from one of those bright engineers.

SRT has several new editions in the works, including some that will be shown shortly at SEMA and two for 08 show circuits for the usual crowd feedback. One that is planned for SEMA this year is the upcoming SRT8 Challenger. The car has made the circuit of the claimed spy snappers on the road around Michigan. Agnostic editors should realize the car was not the usual R/T Production version that some want you to believe. Under that hood lies a different version of the Chrysler 6.4 Liter power plant. This is not the normal power plant that will be slated for the upcoming Gen-II SRT8s [300, Charger, Ram, & GC]. This spanking new design built for performance beyond the already crated SEMA show engine – 6.4 liter, created by our in-house contractor named Metal Crafters, Los Angeles, California. From the field office, it is referred too as the 6.4 Variant.

Image Credit: Winding Roads | KGP

Located in the desert of Arizona this month, SRT engineers are under going some rigorous hot weather testing of the SRT8 variant and the next shared ZC platform Viper vehicle.

PVOMan, a.k.a. PM, has stated that before the split of its mother Daimler-AG, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and McLaren were working on creating a five-vehicle single platform halo super-sport car. The purpose was to share cost of these super cars and adding more profitability across both manufactures. McLaren, AMG, and SRT engineers will share the responsibilities of creating such to push the limits of each vehicle in its class to be the “best of the best” as one of the McLaren engineer quoted.

Now is the question is what coming? Stay tuned for Part-2!

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