Friday, September 7, 2007

Chrysler Group records high first quarter sales in the Middle East

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Middle East subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler has released the sales figures showing strong sales for Chrysler Jeep and Dodge across the region for the first quarter of 2007.

Trent Barcroft, Vice President, DaimlerChrysler Middle East said, 'It's been a great opening to the year for all three brands'. He also added, We achieved all of our sales objectives and delivered a 29% increase in volume against the same period last year - that's significant in such a highly competitive market, and testimony to the quality, appeal and overall value for money that our brands represent.?br />

As DaimlerChryslerproducer of high quality Jeep mufflers ---continues with its aggressive programme of new model introductions that includes the all-new Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Dodge Nitro, and Wrangler Unlimitedall equipped with durable and power boosting Jeep muffler -- and Chrysler Sebring, ---all launched this year--2007 looks likely to be another record sales year. Barcroft has also said, Sales in Qatar, in particular, were incredible, with volume up 154% against 2006. All of our distributors have worked really hard, and with great new models to sell, they're reaching new heights.?br />

Barcroft also said, Chrysler Group's clear definition between brand offerings, improved quality and overall value are ensuring balanced sales among the top products. In 2007, we expect this to continue as we introduce an all-time record number of new models, all of which are part of a balanced product portfolio and are designed to meet the needs of a specific group of customers, and complement, not compete with one another.?br />

The first new model introductions of 2007 are already available in the Middle East, and so far have been very successful in boosting sales and interest levels. According to Craig Hardie, Marketing and Communications Manager - Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge - DaimlerChrysler Middle East, 'The first shipment of Dodge Nitro's that we received sold out immediately - more stock is on the way. Response to the Jeep Wrangler, the Wrangler Unlimited and Chrysler Sebring has also been extremely positive, driving many new customers to our brands, and with the Dodge Avenger and Jeep Patriot still to be launched in the Middle East, we're highly optimistic about our continued growth in the Middle East!?br />

The best sales month so far for the Chrysler Group's operations outside North America happened last March 2007 and marked the 22nd consecutive months of year-on-year sales gains. The sales for March 2007 grew by 18% as compared to the same period in 2006 and closed with a total of 22,375 units sold. The sales outside North America has also increased by 13 percent over the same period last year which records 52,570 units sold.

Thomas Hausch, Executive Director of International Sales and Marketing said, The efforts of our sales teams in all of our international regions contributed to the March sales performance. We have said that our business outside North America has a key role in the Chrysler Group's Recovery and Transformation Plan. These markets have solid teams in place to help grow our business, and with the right products tailored to meet the needs of global markets, there is a lot of potential to reach new customers.?br />

Sales has also continued to grow in a steady level in key markets throughout Western Europe, surprisingly reaching highest monthly volumes ever for regions such as Latin America, which has obtained sales of up to 43% in March, contributing to the high sales recorded by Chrysler Group for the same month. The combined sales of Chrysler AG for Eastern Europe and Russia rose by 69% and compared to the first quarter of 2006 its up by 45%.

The Dodge brand is also enjoying an increasing demand starting off with the Dodge Caliber which has surpassed the rest of the other Chrysler Group vehicles and made it as Chryslers International top-selling vehicle to date with 7,964 units sold. The Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Chrysler 300C sales ranked second and third reporting sales of 7,771 and 7,616 units respectively.

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