Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chrysler gives hero 2nd Jeep

Chrysler is getting some great mileage from its new Jeep Patriot.

At the end of NBC's "Deal or No Deal" Monday night, contestant Wesley Autrey looked glum after missing his chance to win $1 million and walking away with just $25.

But before Autrey, the New Yorker who gained national attention after rescuing a man from an oncoming subway train in January, walked off the stage, game show host Howie Mandel said the Chrysler Group wanted to award him a new Jeep Patriot.

Perhaps it seemed odd to viewers that Autrey did not look surprised, but it was not the first time he had been presented with a new Jeep Patriot on national television.

Autrey was given one on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in January, but that was just a prop. Autrey had to wait for assembly to begin on the Patriot, which was presented to him in April around the New York auto show.

The next day, he was in Los Angeles for the taping of "Deal or No Deal."

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