Monday, December 1, 2008

Problems with another person

It seems we have an enemy within the blogging community.

This site is dedicated to those who rather have a centralized reporting portal when there is any news relating to Chrysler LLC vice in hunting down or filling one e-mail in basket with 1000s of e-mails per day. Our goal as passionate Chrysler employees and fans, to sift through 100 or perhaps, 1000 news gram per day.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may had impose for today.

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Aaron Wyse said...

We understand; and appreciate the amount of additional time that is spent keeping the most loyal followers of OUR company informed.
I have only been employed for 3+ years; but have been a loyal and avid Chrysler supporter since I was under the age of 12.
This company can survive this hurdle as it has others in the past. Let's just keep building the best products on the market.