Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jeep Laptop concept By Chris Owens

jeep_laptop_1.jpg Jeep is a vehicle that stands for all-terrain and exudes strength and power. Thus when you place its form as an inspiration, nothing but the best can be expected. Designer Chris Owen has designed a dominant laptop concept that bears semblance to the powerful-roadster. It is a laptop designed to accompany you on the trail, and its formidable stance communicates strength. There is no doubt the exterior body of the lappie matches the Jeep design language. Take for instance the grills and bonnet styling is seen on the seams and shell of the lappie. The biggest plus point of this concept is that it places the laptop in a weather sealed enclosure, so that you can take it on all your road trips with the Jeep. jeep_laptop_2.jpg jeep_laptop_3.jpg jeep_laptop_4.jpg


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