Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dodge To Run Challenger In NASCAR's Nationwide Series

By Jen Dunnaway


NASCAR's second-string Nationwide Series won't debut its own version of the Car of Tomorrow until at least 2010, but they officially began testing of their "new car" on Monday. And who's the coolest prototype on the track? Dodge rolled up with this NASCARed-out Challenger, and I think it looks hot as hell. From the fenders back, it looks pretty much like any other stock car, because of the way the cars' lines have to conform to specific body templates determined by NASCAR. But the sanctioning body has modified the rules governing the forward sheet metal, so it appears that the nationwide CoTs might actually be permitted to run real front clips instead of just stickers. See more pics of the Challenger testing at Richmond International Raceway below the jump, along with the other manufacturers' offerings—the Malibu, the Fusion (though Ford will supposedly be running a Taurus), and the Camry.

Source: Jalopnik.

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Aaron Wyse said...

I'm so tired of seeing anything to do with C.O.T. I can barely stand to watch a NASCAR race anymore. Unless you are such an avid and hardcore fan you have to see the name printed on teh car long enough to distinguish the cars apart. WHY should any manufacturer want to spend any amount of money into a sport that they can longer have an influence over.
The Fusion, Camry, Avenger, Charger, Challenger, Chevy who now? Exactly. They all are so completely different in production forms; buy the time COT is done they have become the same car.
That is NOT NASCAR! That is spec racing maybe even IROC. If they want all the cars uniform; what's next, engine control via NASCAR management. Limit rpm, HP, MPH, via radio if they feel one is a little too fast one day the computer will slow him down to keep them all even; sounds stupid doesn't it. Too bad that's just what they're aiming for.
I've heard rumors that STOCK car racing may be coming back though. Be careful NASCAR, if stock cars coem back.. you'll lose your viewers, drivers and sponsors; because that's what they USED To get from you.