Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nanotechnology treatment for automotive glass surfaces lasts 80,000 km in Canada

Water beading on a car windscreen treated with Nanoprotect AG

Nanoprotect AG from Nanotec is a unique, transparent, protective treatment specifically developed for automotive glass. It creates a water repellent, non-stick glass surface which improves visibility when driving in rain or snow, often to the point where windscreen wipers are not needed.

In most environmental conditions, Nanoprotect AG normally lasts for up to 2 years or 30,000 km. Recent testing of Nanoprotect AG in Eastern Canada has shown that with normal use, the product can last up to 80,000 km on the automotive glass with a single application, even in the extreme conditions of that region.

While driving, rain and snow bead off the automotive glass treated with Nanoprotect AG, which greatly improves visibility. Enhanced visibility on wet roads leads to quicker reaction times when something unexpected happens, and this can literally save lives.

Nanoprotect AG is long lasting since it chemically bonds to the automotive glass. It does not change the clarity or texture of the surface. The automotive glass is non-stick, so build-up of dust, grease, oil, tar, dead bugs and plant resins are easily removed.

Nanoprotect AG protects exterior automotive glass, i.e., windows, windscreens, external mirrors, glass sunroofs, and glass headlights. 28-May-2008

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