Thursday, May 29, 2008

2009 Chrysler 300

A sharp eyed poster over at GM Inside News happened to snag a shot of this mysterious sedan on Saturday morning in Auburn Hills, MI. The camo-covered car was coming out of the Chrysler tech center leading to speculation that this could be the next generation Chrysler 300. If it is, it would be as much of a departure from the current model as that was from the previous generation. The low roof gangster sedan styling is jetissoned in favour of something much more contemporary and potentially bland. After the disaster that was the new Sebring, maybe Chrysler has decided to play it safe with the LX replacement. Has anyone else seen this car, or have any information on it?

2009 Chrysler 300 zoomed

Man who catched a car with his iPhone, said:I believe this is the next 300, I’ve never seen any spy shots of the car. I wish I had pulled out my2009 Chrysler 300 original shot iPhone quicker, but I had to chase it down I75 and traffic was unusually heavy (makes me sad that I’m trading the sporty LS for the less sporty MKX on Monday). This was the best I could do. It was heavily camoflaged but it looks much more mainstream than the 300. It has VERY flush side glass, one of the things that realy stood out (the windows are also much bigger reletive to the high cowl of the old 300. It also has LED tail lights, but I couldn’t really make out much of the car detail through the camoflage. It’s definitely all new!

It really doesn’t look like a 300, but more like a Mercedes. I was only convinced it was Chrysler because it was coming out of the Chrysler headquarters when it passed me at the University I75 on-ramp.

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