Monday, March 17, 2008

Chrysler Plans To Add More Features To Its Vehicles


I love the way a Chrysler 300 looks on the outside, but the interior is just to plain for me. It seemed like I was in a fancy go-cart, very disappointed, i drove out the dealership in the same car I drove up in. What i’m trying to say is that, I think Chrysler could have done a way better job in designing the interior. It just wasn’t appealing to me, and it costed them a sale.Unfortunately for me, this piece of news came too late, just months after purchasing a different car(not a chrysler), I hear that Chrysler is adding more features and upgrades to the Chrysler 300 itself.

The interior woes of recent Chrysler products have been well documented, and consumers rightly expect better these days. Chrysler has come to realize this fact and is taking appropriate measures to fix the problem and be sure that its future products come better equipped to face the competition. While stylish exterior and interior designs with high quality materials have come to be expected in modern vehicles, technology and gadgets are often what separate one automaker’s vehicles from another. Chrysler recognizes this and is working to offer desirable options as standard equipment on some of their popular models.Now, Chrysler has started a new tactic that is unique among car manufacturers: adding improvements as they become available, as opposed to waiting for the next design refresh. These improvements include a new mileage-saving all-wheel-drive system for their 2009 300C and Dodge Charger as well as swiveling rear entertainment systems, blind-spot monitoring and backup sensors for their ‘09 minivans. Chrysler hopes that these changes will entice potential buyers to choose its vehicles over less-well-equipped models from another manufacturer.


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Anonymous said...

When Diamler was running the show; they should have been encouraging better interiors as that's been a Chrysler weakpoint since the early to mid 90's. Apparently they were afraid that if our cars had an interior that was up to par with the rest of the vehicle; we'd be taking business from Benz side of the company.