Monday, July 9, 2007

Automobile Quarterly
Automobile Quarterly
This Day in Auto History:

The first Buick Model B is driven from Flint to Detroit by Walter L. Marr and Thomas Buick (son of the car’s namesake David D. Buick) to convince Buick Motor Company principal owner James H. Whiting to approve the manufacturing of complete automobiles
The Ford Motor Company is reorganized as a Delaware corporation with Edsel B. Ford as President - the Henry Ford family now owned 100% of the company’s stock
Ronald J. Waterbury, Assistant Chief Engineer of Chevrolet who previously had worked for Oakland, Packard, and Studebaker, dies in Detroit, MI at age 52
The last 1965 Ford Thunderbird is produced
Racer Craig Arfons, son of Walt Arfons, dies in Sebring, Fl during a WSR attempt

Source: Automobile History Day By Day, by Douglas A. Wick

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