Thursday, July 12, 2007

Insider news bits from SRTFORUM

gc replaces commander

diesel hybrid is coming

fuel cell concept 08

compact truck concept /jeep/dodge


corsair revised

can phoenix be expanded for v10?

dodge rebel concept possible 09 under review

other 'C' is awaiting for show circuit greenlight

a few want to killoff crossfire w/replace firepower

rebel concept awaiting greenlight

charger coupe is under review

ddc for viper w/bump hp

vct magnum/hemi/phoenix

iso world engine/phoenix

srt review fords tt engines for next gen

mopar crate to 6.9

project x detroit 08

challenger vert folding top review

srt working truck hemi-tt 2010

8-speed a truck hd

hemi gen2 expands line w/1

hid lx/ly/lc

lc23 coming

electronic steering chysler prem coming

electronic braking coming

revise turbo de design - v8

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