Friday, June 29, 2007

Spied: Dodge's JC49 crossover loses some disguise

LEFTLANENEWS.COM - - A new encounter with a group of JC49 prototypes has yielded our first look at the small crossover's undisguised tailgate, providing some welcome clues to the vehicle's overall design character.

Dodge appears to have recently shifted the development pace of its JC49 crossover into high gear. Within the last month spies have seen several large convoys of JC49 prototypes running the highways of Southeastern Michigan, and have since spotted them traveling the entire country. KGP Photography's latest run-in with JC49 testers occurred in Colorado, where spies caught a string of three JC49s testing with a and a Hyundai Santa Fe–along for the ride as support/benchmarking vehicles.


Members of Dodge's test team were surprised, and obviously a little angry when spies snapped some photos of them testing in some desolate Colorado prairie land.

After giving our photographer a not-so-friendly one-finger-salute, the group went on with the business of logging some major miles, driving all throughout Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California in the course of a few days.

Tail revealed
Spies watched as the group took a rest stop in the California desert, and dutifully covered the prototypes. Unfortunately for them, the covers were stored within the rear cargo hatch, which meant that the rear camouflage had to be unzipped and moved out of the way, giving us our first look at the JC49's rear-end styling, clean and uncamouflaged.

This new view of the JC49 adds to our impression that this new crossover will have some aggressive styling in the usual Dodge tradition. The body panels have a fairly meaty quality, with a sharply chiseled waistline leading back to bold, angular tail-lights. The rear glass kicks up at the edges as it reaches the D-pillar, accentuating the JC's shoulders and bolstering its stance.

Pricing is expected to start around $20,000, with a volume target of 150,000 yearly. A debut at Detroit's next seems most likely.

June 26, 2007

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