Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chrysler LLC Latest Patents

1 D581,326 Full-Text Vehicle hood
2 D580,312 Full-Text Vehicle grille
3 7,448,357 Full-Text Air induction system and assembly method for an intake manifold with a single shaft and sensor for activating air control valves
4 D579,839 Full-Text Vehicle side mirror
5 D579,832 Full-Text Vehicle hood
6 7,445,751 Full-Text Creep resistant magnesium alloy
7 7,445,237 Full-Text Air bag vent
8 7,445,236 Full-Text Venting canister for airbag system
9 7,444,845 Full-Text Retainer for a door lock
10 7,440,833 Full-Text Clutch fill volume learning strategy for transmission control
11 D578,436 Full-Text Automobile body
12 7,434,646 Full-Text On-demand four wheel drive system
13 D577,841 Full-Text Vehicle headlamp
14 7,429,058 Full-Text Passenger airbag door
15 7,426,701 Full-Text Interactive drill down tool
16 7,424,925 Full-Text Hybrid vehicle with integral generator for auxiliary loads
17 D576,529 Full-Text Vehicle rear bumper
18 D576,524 Full-Text Automobile body
19 7,424,344 Full-Text HVAC control using modulated evaporator outlet temperature
20 7,422,130 Full-Text Retractable cross rail for vehicle roof rack
21 D576,090 Full-Text Vehicle front fender
22 7,421,325 Full-Text Automatic transmission calibration method
23 7,418,950 Full-Text Fuel pump and tank assembly for an automotive vehicle
24 D575,701 Full-Text Vehicle hood
25 D575,697 Full-Text Vehicle rear bumper
26 D575,696 Full-Text Vehicle front bumper
27 D575,695 Full-Text Vehicle rear bumper
28 D575,694 Full-Text Vehicle front bumper
29 7,416,510 Full-Text Control of a vehicle powertrain with multiple prime movers
30 7,416,247 Full-Text Retractable vehicle roof system
31 7,416,242 Full-Text Reinforcement plate
32 7,416,235 Full-Text Dual sliding center console
33 7,416,211 Full-Text Safety system for an automobile
34 7,415,954 Full-Text Rocker shaft arrangement for an engine
35 7,415,903 Full-Text Method and system for an impact sled footwell intrusion test
36 7,415,872 Full-Text Method and code for determining characteristic of road surface beneath moving vehicle
37 7,413,259 Full-Text Hub and extension arrangement for an axle having dual wheels
38 7,413,231 Full-Text Truck cargo bed management system
39 7,413,229 Full-Text Holder for an electronic device
40 7,413,211 Full-Text Deactivation arrangement for a vehicle park assist system
41 D574,298 Full-Text Automobile body
42 7,406,845 Full-Text Steering column lock assembly and method of operating the same
43 D573,507 Full-Text Automobile body
44 D572,640 Full-Text Vehicle hood
45 D572,638 Full-Text Vehicle front bumper
46 D572,392 Full-Text Vehicle headlamp
47 D572,183 Full-Text Vehicle front fender
48 D572,179 Full-Text Vehicle grille
49 7,393,043 Full-Text Method and system for determining full open position of a power liftgate
50 7,393,036 Full-Text Slide out cargo floor

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