Monday, August 25, 2008

Saleen SMS 6.1


County of Orange, California. (August 7, 2008) the icon of its new company SMS and motor vehicles Steve Saleen are proud to present the first product in the line of SMS of the technical parts of ultra-high execution, the superheater of SMS 296, designed, machine, built and internally joined together with our dexterity of 150.000 square feet. The owners of Mopar of 2005 to 2009 vehicles of HEMI 5.7 and HEMI 6.1 can now amplify under powers in horses of cap until 45% with the new innovating superheater of duel-screw (pending patent). With over 30 years of an experiment of packing Steve Saleen and design of SMS and the team of construction created the final superheater for enthusiasts of Mopar. Maintaining the community of market of the accessories can benefit from the superheater of SMS 296, which will be standard equipment over 2009 the challenger strongly envisaged of SMS 570 and the challenger of SMS 570X, with estimates of power of 500 with more than 700 powers in horses respectively! The superheater of SMS 296 is packed with the innovating configurations created by engineers of SMS to provide the optimum push in a particularly compact package. With the top of the list is the intermediate cooler interns of Delta-Braces (pending patent), with the intermediate coolers duels of thin-core and the simple flow of master key of coolant. The intermediate design of cooler envisages an considerable increase of the surface, which for the purpose reducing the fall of pressure to the minimum and of optimizing thermal characteristics. The intelligent configuration also acts as a mechanical shunting for the effective transfer of air in the ports, whereas the pipe with angles allows the packing of the runners which are muh longer than in the terms of collective agreements. The long runner of catch optimizes the effectiveness of flow of air and provides to the superheater of SMS 296 extremely - a low profile. This arrangement means that it niche comfortably in V, and under the cap running of all the applications, as while adapting to a system of deviation for cruising with three ways to far-amplify. In the middle of the superheater are the asymmetrical screws of compressor of multi-lobe, which are machined internally by SMS on the equipment of the very last thing of numerical control per computer. The concept of screw is among most effective of all the configurations of superheater. However, it is also one of the more provocante to be manufactured. In order to reduce to the maximum of the parasitic losses, it is crucial to maintain tolerances incredibly tight between the profiles of the asymmetrical lobes. Dryness running at the speeds of up to 16.000 t/mn, there is not any part for the error. By finishing the profiles of screw, the flexible service of machining of numerical control per computer of SMS functions with the harassing tolerances. The flexibility of the equipment also means that changes of the profiles of screw can be adapted for various applications. The innovations on the superheater of SMS 296 carry out at its outside, with completions of SMS and options made on order to measure of color of powder coat to match the majority of the colors of Mopar. Maintaining the enthusiasts can match the impact under the cap with that with the aft wheels. The complete market of the accessories of superheater of SMS 296 seems large and installs easily under the cap running of all the applications including/understanding; challenger SRT-8 of turning, challenger R/T of turning, charger SRT-8 of turning, charger R/T of turning, magnum SRT-8 of turning, magnum right-hand side of turning, Chrysler 300C SRT-8, Chrysler 300C, large jeep SRT-8 cherokee, and selected trucks of turning of 5.7L Hemi.

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