Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chrysler LLC Patents

1 D574,298 Full-Text Automobile body
2 7,406,845 Full-Text Steering column lock assembly and method of operating the same
3 D573,507 Full-Text Automobile body
4 D572,640 Full-Text Vehicle hood
5 D572,638 Full-Text Vehicle front bumper
6 D572,392 Full-Text Vehicle headlamp
7 D572,183 Full-Text Vehicle front fender
8 D572,179 Full-Text Vehicle grille
9 7,393,043 Full-Text Method and system for determining full open position of a power liftgate
10 7,393,036 Full-Text Slide out cargo floor
11 7,393,014 Full-Text Energy absorbing support for a vehicle steering assembly
12 7,392,700 Full-Text Method and system for determining fuel level
13 7,392,662 Full-Text Method and system for controlling a climate control system
14 7,392,659 Full-Text Dynamic control of a variable displacement compressor
15 7,389,650 Full-Text Cooled instrument panel compartment for a vehicle
16 7,382,102 Full-Text Heating of batteries using reactive power
17 7,381,084 Full-Text Connector position assurance arrangement
18 7,380,827 Full-Text Steering column/airbag tunable impact absorption system
19 7,380,800 Full-Text Method and system for controlling a dual mode vehicle suspension system
20 7,377,571 Full-Text Collapsible seat mechanism with integrated subfloor
21 7,373,930 Full-Text Multi-port check-valve for an evaporative fuel emissions system in a turbocharged vehicle
22 D568,792 Full-Text Automobile body
23 D568,211 Full-Text Automobile body
24 7,367,589 Full-Text Collapsible steering assembly with a stationary reaction surface
25 D567,410 Full-Text Vehicle tail lamp
26 D567,409 Full-Text Vehicle headlamp
27 7,363,250 Full-Text Market center based purchasing system and method

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