Friday, June 27, 2008

Report: J.D. Power forecasts plunge in U.S. June sales

DETROIT -- J.D. Power and Associates is predicting the June seasonally adjusted annual sales rate will plunge to 12.5 million vehicles, down from 16.3 million last June. That is far below what other analysts have projected for the month's sales.

The Wall Street Journal today cited a leaked report from the firm that says June U.S. sales of light vehicles will plunge 15.4 percent from last year.

J.D. Power expects the Detroit 3's sales numbers to take big hits but doesn't see Toyota Motor Corp. overtaking General Motors in U.S. sales, the Journal reports on its Web site.

The research firm predicts a year-over-year 26.2 percent June sales drop for GM, a 31.4 percent drop for Ford Motor Co. and a 30.1 percent drop for Chrysler LLC, according to the report.

J.D. Power expects a sales decline of 6.6 percent for Toyota. That would give it a market share of 18.7 percent, near GM's predicted 19.2 percent share.

J.D. Power expects Honda Motor Co.'s sales to rise 9.3 percent from June 2007, the Journal reported, adding that the data were derived from the first 17 selling days in June.

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