Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hemidakota blasts Mercury News Wire

“Gas prices set records in California; oil hits all-time high”

You need to research on why energy companies are using the Californian model for the rest of nation in creating this artificial demand when they have cut back the supplies. Then, what is new here, when it is nothing more than what DeBeers been doing for years in creating an artificial demand when the worth of real carat diamond is a handful of dollars if the world inventory is dumped onto the open market. Now looking at the government energy website that tracks [national /state/ foreign imports] California production output [including imports] retail deliverables:

2003 - 12mil bpd

2007 - 1.2mil bpd

Is there something here we are missing in seeing the real agenda in California? This has nothing to do with anyone claiming interior state oil wells are drying up. It is matter creating an image as if the demand is increasing when infact, it is the reversal. Even in the North Eastern portion of this nation for the last 18-months has shown dramatic drop in consumption as it has been nationally since the last five years [2001 thru 2006 Overall Consumption]. The conclusion in the overall analysis, Californians have done a stupendous job in curtailing the usage when sales and new drivers increase every calendar year.

The real question of the day, when seeing artificial inflated retail gasoline consumer cost, which drives other consumer deliverables, what is the real government inflationary rate today? Why doesn’t the government tell us, we are really in a recession?

QUOTE: "The day will come that all truth will be known openly. Nothing will be hid from the world."


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