Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dodge Avenger for China


Although China Car Times is clearly for Chinese cars (and the industry) we do have a soft spot for modern American cars. The latest offerings from Dodge look quiet tasty (and are cheap!) The Avenger for example looks excellent, bold lines from the 70’s straight in your face in 2008. We love it. Dodge are going to export the Avenger to China later this year, where it will cost 200,000rmb ($27,000USD), Stateside the Avenger is in the lower $20k region, obviously import fees have risen the price considerably for the base models.

Later on in the year, the stockier looking Dodge Caliber will also make an appearence in China.

Chrysler is also planning to import the Dodge Viper into China which is rumored to be priced at over 1 million RMB in China (137k USD)

We’re not sure if this model will be sold via the SouEast JV or the Beijing Benz JV. Only time will tell!

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