Wednesday, January 23, 2008

China promises 38 models, 5 years

Automotive manufacturer Chery Auto is on a blazing trail to make its global presence known. The Chinese manufacturer plans to launch 38 models in five years.

According to Chinese media reports, the onslaught begins with this year with eight new models being, including an SUV, being planned for 2008 into 2009.

Nine new models will be launched in 2010, and the company has promised to move increasingly upmarket with every new vehicle launched. The 11-year-old company plans to raise its output to one m

illion cars by 2010 and has already established key global partnerships. It signed a deal with the Chrysler Group in July to help the Chinese manufacturer sell some of its cars as rebadged Chrysler or Dodge models in North America and Europe.

The company also has an existing agreement with Fiat Auto to supply 100 000 engines a year for the Italian cars produced in China.

Chery is targeting a 26% increase in sales this year as it continues to churn out new models and aggressively expand into foreign markets.

The company currently sells cars in 50 countries, including South Africa, and has seven plants in six countries. It plans to build another 14 foreign plants by 2010.

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