Friday, November 2, 2007

Black Jack: Chrysler’s Casino on Wheels for SEMA

Written By: Evan McCausland

Chrysler Town & Country Black Jack

We’ve tried long and hard, but we can’t come up with a logical explanation for this one. Instead of previewing trends or aftermarket accessories, Chrysler’s Town & Country Black Jack serves merely as a vehicular one-liner.

In homage to SEMA’s host city of Las Vegas, Chrysler ripped out the new Swivel ‘n’ Go seating in favor of installing a poker lounge in back. A u-shaped bench trimmed in leather provides seating for four, while a sole bucket seat faces rearward. All rear passengers surround an illuminated card table fabricated from carbon fiber, while an acrylic floor is illuminated by amber LED lighting.

(Click through for more on Chrysler’s cruising casino)


If you think the casino gag ends there, you’re mistaken. Floor storage, normally provided for both the Swivel- and Stow ‘n’ Go seat systems, is now utilized as a lockable cash box for the dealer. Twin fixed skylights add some light to the interior, but they surround hidden cameras mounted in the stock overhead console. One camera’s aimed at the dealer’s hand, while the others help capture the emotions and cards of any players.

Sure, this could help the house always win, but Black Jack uses the cameras to entertain others. All cameras feed into a large 37″ Samsung LCD TV mounted in the rear hatch area. The entire system is powered by a dash-mounted Azentek mobile PC.

Exterior changes are limited to a customized burnt-amber paint (which looked black underneath cloudy skies), tinted tail lamps, a billet grille insert and large 20″ custom alloys sporting an offset spade logo.

It’s an interesting look for the Town & Country - one that doesn’t require much modification - but we think that fact will be eclipsed by the gambling gimmick. Heck, we’ll bet on it.

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