Friday, November 9, 2007

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR street-legal track car


The hottest Dodge Viper factory performance kit yet, the SRT10 ACR gives would-be racers something to talk about. In fact, the ACR is enough to turn would-be racers into actual racers - just supply the track. Now we can bring you the official word on the latest supercar from Dodge.

Confirming info leaked earlier today, the same deep-skirted aluminum block 8.4L V10 600hp, 560lb-ft (760Nm) of torque uber-monster that lives under the hood of the Dodge Viper SRT10 powers the ACR, but what makes this car special is not its power so much as its weight and tuning. The new Viper SRT10 ACR shaves considerable weight from the car - while keeping it street legal - with a focus on unsprung and rotating weight, the areas where weight savings are of most value. Add the ‘Hard Core’ package and you’ll delete another 40lbs by substituting door speakers for carbon fiber panels, deleting the radio and a significant portion of silencing material and carpet and getting rid of the tire inflater.

Suspension tuning is also a key element of the ACR, with adjustable coil-over racing dampers from KW Suspensions - and you don’t even have to remove the wheels to make the adjustments. Roll stiffness is increased with a new front stabilizer bar and downforce is brought to race-car levels, yielding 1000lbs (455kg) downforce at 150mph. When you do hit the track, you can change out the center-splitter of the grille with a track extension that fills out the ‘fanged’ splitter scallop. Doing so reduces overall drag and increases front downforce by almost a third.

Brakes are upgraded to handle the added stress of track use. Two-piece slotted StopTech rotors are mated to Brembo calipers to minimize unsprung weight and maximize stopping power. The combo shaves almost 60lbs from the weight of the stock Viper and brings the ACR to a halt from 60mph within 100ft.

Shifts are handled by the latest iteration of the Tremec T56 six-speed manual, the TR6060. Keeping all that power routed to the rear wheels under control is a GKN ViscoLok speed-sensing limited-slip differential.

Dodge’s ‘normal’ Viper SRT10 is rated at under four seconds 0-60mph time, so expect this model to shave a few tenths thanks to the decreased weight. Top speed is listed at 190mph, and lateral acceleration is rated at 1.5g. The price is not yet announced, but the article says it will start at under US$100,000. Start cashing in those CDs and selling those stocks. Amateur racers - your car is coming. Mikey

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