Thursday, August 23, 2007

Suppliers to the next Gen Viper 8.4-Liter Engine

Wrangler's interior

Viper’s 8.4-liter engine was designed for improved emission performance to meet the new regs—but there’s also greater performance overall, with an increase to 600 hp.

Chrysler’s reliance on suppliers for development and production of the 8.4-liter V10 encompassed just about every facet of the engine. Here’s a list of them:

Block Casting - Caparo UK
Block Machining - DMI USA
Piston and Pin Assembly - Mahle Mexico
Piston Ring pack - Condumex Mexico
Connecting Rod - Metaldyne USA
Cylinder Liners - MAHLE Mexico
Crankshaft Assembly - Norton USA
Crankshaft Damper - Metaldyne Canada
Main Bearings - GVI USA
Engine Oil Cooler - Long USA
Oil Level Indicator & Tube Assembly-
Milwaukee Wire USA
Front Cover/Oil Pump - DMI USA
Swinging Oil Pickup Assembly - Extreme USA
Timing Drive Kit - Borg Warner USA
Engine Wiring Harness - Yazaki USA
Intake Module - Extreme USA
Fuel Distribution Module - Milleneum USA
Exhaust Manifolds - Arvin Meritor Germany
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets - Elring Klinger Germany
Vacuum Vapor Harness - Bates USA
Cylinder Head Casting - Nemak Mexico
Cylinder Head Machining and
?Assembly - Linamar Canada
Valve Seats - Federal Mogul USA
Valve Guides - Federal Mogul USA
Valve Retainers - Milwaukee Wire USA
Valve Locks - Milwaukee Wire USA
Valve Spring - Associated USA
Push Rods - TI Bundy
Intake & Exhaust Valves - Edival Argentina
VVT Camshaft - Mahle Germany
VVT Camshaft Phaser - INA USA
Camshaft Position Senor - Microswitch USA
VVT Oil Control Valve - Husco USA
Roller Rocker Arms - INA USA
Hydraulic Roller Lifter - Delphi
Lifter Alignment Yoke - MidAmerican USA
Head Gaskets - Elring Klinger USA
Ignition Coils - Diamond USA
Head Cover/Coil Cover - Extreme USA
Ignition Cables - Prestolite Mexico
Platinum Spark Plugs - Champion USA
Ignition Capacitor - Diamond USA
(Source: Chrysler)

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