Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chrysler Celebrates National Relaxation Day and Stresses the Importance of Taking Daily Mini-Breaks

  -- Teaming up with renowned stress expert, Dr. Erin Olivo, on August 15,
National Relaxation Day, Chrysler offers simple tips to help 'on the go'
consumers relax and de-stress
-- Vehicles, such as the 2008 Town & Country, offer comforting features
that can help bustling consumers take a breather and feel right at home
while on the road

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether commuting to and
from work, dropping the children off at school or extracurricular
activities, or heading to volunteer and social engagements, Americans are
constantly "on the go." In fact, research shows the average woman over the
age of 18 spends most of her time driving and taking care of the children,
which means women leave little time for themselves to relax(1). To make it
easier for consumers to relax during their daily routines, today's
vehicles, such as the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country, have comforting
features that blur the line between home and vehicle.
In recognition of National Relaxation Day, Chrysler partnered with
renowned stress expert, Dr. Erin Olivo, to spread awareness about the
importance of setting aside "me-time" to give the body and mind a chance to
unwind. Whether at work, home or on the road, Chrysler and Dr. Olivo are
encouraging consumers to find time in their busy schedules to take
mini-breaks throughout the day to relax, and maintain a balanced and
healthy lifestyle.
"Today's busy schedules leave most of us with little time to think
about ourselves and I don't think people realize the health problems
chronic stress can cause on the body," said Dr. Olivo, stress expert and
contributor to Oprah's "Stress Management 101" on "Relaxation
helps decrease the wear and tear of life's challenges on the mind and body.
By taking mini-breaks throughout the day and practicing relaxation
techniques, you can improve how you physically respond to stress by
lowering blood pressure and heart rate, reducing muscle tension and
strengthening your immune system."
Round-the-Clock Relaxation Remedies
By practicing simple relaxation techniques daily, a consumer's overall
health and quality of life can be improved, including reduced back pain and
headaches, improved mood and concentration, and increased energy. For those
who run round-the-clock schedules, Chrysler and Dr. Olivo recommend the
following relaxations solutions, which can fit into any lifestyle:
* Push all the right pressure points by giving hand reflexology a try

* Massage the inside of your right palm with your left thumb in a
circular motion. Repeat this same technique on the other hand
* Find the sensitive spot in between your thumb and index finger. Press
deeply, hold for 10 seconds and release

* Reduce tension by creating a soothing environment with music, lighting
and aromas

* Create a playlist with fun tunes mom, dad and the children can enjoy
on the next car ride or at home
* Consider a lavender scented car air freshener or aromatherapy room
spray, which offers a therapeutic, soothing effect
* Promote a relaxing setting by dimming the lights. For a refreshing
ambiance, consumers can now enjoy soft, greenish-blue halo lighting
in the Chrysler Town & Country

* Consider "a la car" dining if your family is always "on the go" and has
little time for dinner

* Relax with the Chrysler Town & Country's Swivel 'n Go(TM) seating
system, which provides a convenient table for dinners "on the go"
* Pack a well-balanced dinner for the car and children can eat a
healthy meal in between after-school activities
* Consider packing snacks and water for the next car trip or to stow
away at the office

* Laugh until the heart's content because laughing releases endorphins and
other healthy hormones, as well as lowers blood pressure and increases
oxygen in the blood

* For a good laugh, watch snippets from a funny movie, reminisce about
a recent event that put a smile on your face or pop in a stand-up
comedy on tape or CD on your next road trip

* Leave a few minutes to spare by remembering to build an extra 15 minutes
into your schedule to prevent the unnecessary stress of running late

* Avoid bumper to bumper traffic with the 2008 Chrysler Town &
Country's unique MyGIG(TM) Multimedia Infotainment System. Available
through SIRIUS Satellite Radio, MyGIG(TM) supports real-time traffic
and can even provide re-route navigation based on current traffic
"We understand the stress our customers face on a daily basis. This is
why we design vehicles, such as the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country, that will
make it easier for consumers to relax as they are traveling to and from
their destinations," says David Rooney, Director - Chrysler Marketing &
Global Communications. "With new features like Swivel 'n Go(TM) seating
system, ambient halo lighting and MyGIG(TM) Multimedia Infotainment System,
everyone can feel right at home in their vehicles. We create environments,
such as the Town & Country, that are stress-free and comfortable for all
passengers. And, we all know, when passengers are happy, everyone is

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