Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Part II - Future of Chrysler's SRT

By the 'C' Team,
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Well, noting PMs common visitation to selective forum sites, he left some tasty morsel for those muscle hungered and raw performance fanatics some insight on what to expect in the near future. Surprising was the announcement of a sister car after the production run of the 2008 Dodge Challenger R/T. This maybe a rumor but then, anything anyone says these days is a rumor to most biased anti-SRT fan boys. What they failed to realize was the Edmunds Insider Video of the Pacifica Advance Design Studio, located in Carlsbad, California. One of the background shots revealed the orange colored Cuda tail end. No! It was not another Challenger mockup. It was the other ‘third C’, as PM stated. Let us used this term for those beaner counters: BUILD-IT! THEY WILL COME. Yes, we do know in a limited production run 2010, the third ‘C’ would be a sell-out and profitable for SRT performance branch.

Metal Crafters insider claimed that SkunkWerks wanted to build two version of the LC23X bodied vehicle [a.k.a. Challenger and Cuda]. What was not told among those various forums with the exception of one – the Chrysler side will get a Viper V10 detuned version for its concept version while the other gets the Hemi 6.4 liter engine. PM also stated that this muscle SRT has to outperform the current SRT8s that are being fielded for 08 and 09.

Ralph Gillis is the Lead Engineer for this special in-house toying of hybrid performance vehicles. As always, we can surely count on him to deliver another punch at 2007 SEMA in coming weeks.

As you seen already with the latest shots, with shorted body now, frontal grill work revised, what else can we expect from this monstrous car? POWER!!!!! Yes! It will south of the current 2008 Dodge Viper but north of 500-Horsepower. It will be more performance than the crated 6.4-Liter that was shown in the 2006 SEMA show. LA Metal Crafters has out done themselves. Arrington Engineering provided some clues to what to look for on the up coming showing of the SEMA vehicle.

As the stouted engineers poured over the recent showing of a fanatic Magnum powered 426-CUI engine, SkunkWerks moved forward under the guise to do the same. It is rumored that the vehicle will produce over 605-Horsepower on 91-Octane fuel. Something that even the Ford Mustang normal aspirated as not aspired too. With adding a clutchless electronic 6-speed tranny, specialized tuned suspension provided in-house Mopar Motorsports, this car should propelled the quarter mile in less than the current SS version.

SRT will be branching out…..stay tuned for PART-III

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Matt said...

I so, so want one of these. What are the chances this will actually come to fruition?