Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chrysler, Dodge answers your questions!

07/06/2007 14:15

Your questions for DaimlerChrysler SA's Chrysler and Dodge divisions have been answered. Read what they had to say in response.


With the split from Daimler, how readily will parts and servicing be available and what kind of service levels could be expected? How will this split affect the pricing of Chrysler and Dodge products if they are no longer able to benefit from Mercedes' export credits? Who will import these products in the future?

Parts and servicing of Chrysler Group products will not be affected by the sale as we will continue to maintain the same dealer network for the time being. As always, we will strive to improve service levels at our dealerships regardless of the status of Chrysler.

Pricing of the Chrysler group products are in no way affected by Mercedes-Benz' export credits in any case, these apply only to the Mercedes Car Group vehicles.


Readers commented that although both brands have products well worth considering, they were still disappointed by the apparent inferiority of the interior plastic finishes. What, if anything, is being done by Chrysler and Dodge to remedy this?

The plastics used in the interiors of Chrysler Group vehicles are in no way inferior and meet the stringent standards set by not only the design teams at Chrysler, but by safety associations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Do not associate hard plastics with inferior quality. The plastics used in our products deliver superior UV resistance and general toughness.


Can you explain the pricing on the Dodge range? Compared with prices in the UK, local prices are almost double on certain models. How do you explain this, considering both countries import from the US?

South Africa and the United Kingdom have vastly different import duty structures and as such cannot be compared. Furthermore, as the Chrysler Group in South Africa currently exports limited components, our duty off-set on imported vehicles is very low. The Chrysler and Dodge vehicles offered in South Africa are also generally of a higher specification level to that of our UK counterparts.


According to one reader, the waiting period for the Caliber, in particular, is up to six months long. What is DCSA doing to pressure the production facilities into ensuring that the high demand for popular models is met?

Demand for Caliber has exceeded supply in many markets throughout the World and as such production is running at full capacity. DCSA from time to time adjusts the production forecasts and we believe that by year end we will be in a position to satisfy the extraordinary demand for this popular product.


What are the possibilities of getting the Dodge Ram or Durango in South Africa? And is there a chance that we could get the Viper and Challenger, when it goes into production? Do you plan on introducing a small car to slot beneath the Caliber in the Dodge line-up? Also, when will we see the new Voyager in South Africa?

There is a demand World wide for many of these models and we are currently evaluating all Dodge derivatives for introduction into RHD markets. A decision has yet to made on introducing the Challenger.

Dodge is planning a production version of the Hornet that was shown at last year's Geneva Motor Show, however, a decision on a possible right hand drive version has yet to be made.

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