Friday, October 31, 2008

Reuters: Major issues resolved in GM-Chrysler talks
Wagoner said to lead combined automaker if deal gets financed
DETROIT (Reuters) -- General Motors and Cerberus Capital Management LP have resolved the major issues in a proposed GM-Chrysler merger but the final form of any deal will depend on the financing and government support available, sources familiar with the talks said today.
Both sides have agreed that GM CEO Rick Wagoner would lead the combined automaker, the sources said. A merged GM/Chrysler ...
arrow story Published: Oct 29 1:00 pm U.S. Eastern time / Last changed: 10/29/08 4:13 p.m. EDT [REG]

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Anonymous said...

If this catastrophic merger takes place. I would NOT let Rick Wagoneer run it. Apparenty he's not quite the man someone thinks he is. After all, GM is just about Bankrupt under his leadership; and Chrysler is the company making money and selling the top cars now.
How long will it take him mismanage the assest GM wants the government to buy for GM??
Let him go down with GM.
Keep Chrysler seperate; and let it prosper now that the economy is ready to ease back up.