Thursday, September 4, 2008

Simply put, the new '09 Ram is the best truck ever built.

Motor Trend Magazine - I could go on and on about all of the different features and reasons that support my statement, but I'm tired. And that would requires a seriously long post!

Two areas really stand out in the new Ram. First, the ride and handling is absolutely amazing. NVH is way down compared to the '08 Ram and all the competition. I even had the chance to compare the new Ram to a Mercedes E350. Honestly, the Ram proided a ride equally as smooth, even though it obviously has much more work capability. The coil-spring rear axle is no gimmick. Go test drive a new Ram and try not to be impressed with how it feels.

Second, the interior is a giant step forward for Dodge and all light-duty trucks. The entertainment/GPS system is the best in the business (complete with a 10 speaker Alpine system), the seats are extremely comfortable, storage is a usual class-leading, and quality and appearance are top-knotch (such as the leather stiched dash). Once again, go hop in one for yourself and experience it.

Dodge didn't aim to make the Ram quicker down the 1/4 mile or able to haul a heavier trailer. (Buy a performance car if you're after speed and a diesel 3/4 ton if you need to pull over 10,000lbs!) However, Dodge did aim to make the Ram more comfortable, refined, and owner friendly. And they hit the bullseye.

If any of you have specific questions about the new Ram or how it stacked up against the competition, don't hesitate to ask for my opinion. Also, as I've stated, your best off experiencing it for yourself.


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