Monday, September 29, 2008

Chrysler Exposes GEM Peapod Neighborhood Electric Car For 2009

By Preeti |

The new gadget technology is now coming to you. This new gadget addition full of new technology issues this is a electric car of 2009. Unlike some past GEM vehicles, the Peapod is fully enclosed and designed to be more aerodynamic. Chrysler has released no details about the Peapod’s range or any new battery technology it may incorporate, but it’s likely to be an improvement over previous models. Chrysler has released some information about the driver comforts, though.

The Peapod will have a built-in interface in the dash for iPod or iPhone and will interface with the iPhone for hands-free calling. As can be expected from a NEV, GEM estimates the PeaPod’s top speed to be no more than 25 mph, allowing it to travel 30 miles on a single charge.

Look for the PeaPod to arrive in early 2009, and possibly spawn a new generation of GEM utility vehicles. The seats will be made of a mesh material to allow better air circulation and will be made of ecofriendly and recycled materials. GEM hopes to have the Peapod into production in 2009 and will follow it with more new models. For now, future plans include an electric light-duty commercial truck and a large city electric car with more range and performance, both of which GEM hopes to get into production next year along with the Peapod.

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