Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yahoo!, Fiat and Chrysler LLC Win EU Vibrant Awards for In-Text and Contextual Video Advertising

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vibrant Media, the world leader in video and contextual advertising, presented its first Vibrant Awards last night in London, recognising the creative and strategic use of in-text and contextual video advertising.

These awards reflect the growing influence of in-text on the advertising landscape as a whole. Says Craig Gooding, CCO and Co-founder, Vibrant Media, We have seen the industry embrace in-text advertising since our inception in 2000 and today Vibrant works with the worlds leading brand advertisers who are reaching more than 120 million users worldwide. The Vibrant Awards is designed to inspire excellence and we want to thank the winners for delivering some of the smartest, most impactful and creative executions of in-text and contextual video advertising across Europe.

Hundreds of campaigns from around the world were considered and evaluated based on creativity, word selection and the campaigns ability to effectively communicate the brand message/meet campaign objectives. European finalists included:

Adidas: End2End project

Karstadt: Jubel

BP: Race for Champions

Lloyds TSB: Premier Loans

Chrysler LLC: Sebring Launch

Microsoft : Windows Mobile

Coke: Grand Theft Auto Give a little Love

Nike: Football T90

Corel: Fortunately

Nintendo: Super Paper Mario

Diageo: Pimms

Nissan: Urban Proof

Fiat: Fiat 500

Paramount Pictures: The Kite Runner

Ford: Kuga

Sky: Lost Series 4

Fortis: Business leader

Tourism Ireland: Visit Ireland

HP: The Computer is Personal

Unilever: Axe Shock deodorant

IBM UK: Wimbledon

xBox: Fun for all

Intel: Intel Centrium Processors

Yahoo!: Yahoo! Answers

The distinguished panel of industry judges consisted of:

  • Guy Phillipson, CEO, IAB UK
  • Peter Bale, Executive Producer, Microsoft
  • Dr. Jochen Kalka, Editor-in-Chief, W&V
  • Susan Kingston, Business Director International, Neo@Ogilvy
  • Rich Sutcliffe, Digital Editor, Media Week
  • Richard Townsend, Managing Partner, Circus Street
  • Rob Watt, Media Director, Avenue A / Razorfish

Three awards were presented.

Gold Award:

First Place (Gold) was awarded to Yahoo! Answers (Carat Digital, UK). The campaign creative was custom built for in-text and designed to intelligently align the Yahoo! Answers database of real user questions with relevant words within online web content. Each creative was pre-populated with actual questions asked by Yahoo!s users. For example the word pasta would trigger the question how do you cook pasta?. This unit would drive users to real-time answers related to cooking pasta and the opportunity to post their own responses. This campaign ran across 12 different sectors and achieved an outstanding average CTR.

Silver Award:

Second Place (Silver) went to Fiat (Isobar, France) for their 2008 Fiat 500 campaign. Fiat used words such as compact, chic and fun to deliver creative that featured objects commonly identified with these words. These objects created a personality for the compact car and the relevant product and emotional words helped to raise awareness amongst their two target audiences of core targets and early adopters. The average CTR for the campaign was excellent.

Judges Choice Award:

Finally, the Judges Choice Award (Blue), is a special honour awarded to Chrysler France (Mediaedge:cia / Proximity BBDO, France) for its innovative and creative Chrysler Sebring launch in France. Creative agency ProximityBBDO France created five videos clips specifically for in-text that focused on daily situations (e.g. cooking dinner, asleep in bed, doing exercise). The creative maximised the intimacy of the internet with a comic video clip. As the user moved their mouse over relevant words within web content they would trigger an ad that would show a man who had been interrupted during his daily routines. The clips were shown relative to the time of day so if the user moused over in the morning they would see him being woken up or in the evening they would see him cooking dinner. The annoyed man would play an active role, directing users on how to use the unit to click for photos, car information, their local dealer or to request a brochure on the new Chrysler Sebring.

Vibrant will be hosting its US inaugural Vibrant Awards on 12th June in New York.

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