Monday, June 2, 2008

Cummins will lay off 125 in Bartholomew

Star report

Cummins Inc. plans to temporarily lay off 125 at Columbus Midrange Engine Plant in Bartholomew County due to depressed demand for Dodge Ram pickup trucks, a newspaper reports.

The company Friday morning asked for volunteers for a layoff starting June 8 and hopes to bring them back to work in mid-August, according to an article Saturday in the (Columbus) Republic.

The plant near Walesboro is the exclusive producer of the 6.7-liter diesel engines for the Dodge Ram, the newspaper writes.

"This is not something we want to do," spokesman Mark Land told the newspaper.

However, lower demand for the 2008 Dodge Ram has resulted in an inventory glut, and Chrysler does not want to build any more trucks until mid-August, when new engines will be needed for the 2009 model year, Land told the newspaper.

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