Monday, May 12, 2008

Quad Rotor for Chrysler


Richwood Group releases an industry and World First with their new fully Integrated Quad Rotor. The "I-Charger Quad Rotor" combines the previously separate components into one compact ergonomical housing , coupled with the First Ever patented in line quad rotor design. This unheralded breakthrough avails both the benefits of twin screw rotors and the Patented Integrated manifold design, these combined with our Patented diffuser give unequalled air distribution throughout the manifold plenum, port runner thru to the cylinder. The I-Charger Quad Rotor nestles neatly within the engine valley, between the cylinder head confines, being no taller than the original factory intake manifold. Once again, eliminating the need for hood modifications.
Applications are available for the Viper V10, Mercedes V12, Aston Martin V12 and BMW V10, ranging in sizes from 3 litres per revolution thru an unprecedented 6 litres per revolution, capable of producing a massive 1500 plus hp.
As with all I-Charger's , water to air intercoolers, dual injector and high boost options are available.

Please contact with your specific area of genuine interest.

Break-Through Performance Delivered By New Generation Supercharger

The I-Charger integrates 15 years of innovative technological development in the field of forced induction into one, stunningly effective, economical package. A package that delivers unlimited high RPM and gut-wrenching bottom end power over conventional Roots and centrifugal type blowers.

The I-Charger features ultra-efficient twin-screw rotors, and seamlessly integrates the traditionally separate components of: the intake manifold, blower housing assembly, intercooler and intake. The entire, compact package sits neatly, and somewhat menacingly, between the heads on
V-type engines. No modification to any existing OEM components, including the hood, is required.

"Our elegantly designed twin-screw rotor system delivers the highest internal compression of any superchargers on the market today. This translates to a crisper response, higher boost limits, lower discharge temperatures than conventional superchargers. This unique design also produces less stress on internal components, and, as it run at comparatively lower temperatures, increases the longevity of the system and reduces wear on the engine."

The eye-catching intake manifold features a paradigm-leaping, patented design that maximizes flow and delivers a constant volume of air. This addresses, and puts to rest, long-time tuning issues that plagued earlier generation superchargers.

The compact, and economical “I-Charger” is a true "bolt-on", and as such is extraordinarily maintenance-friendly. With only one sealing surface and eight cap screws to deal with, access to all blower components is a breeze.

Ultra-efficient, breathtaking performance combined with silky-smooth cruising capability make Richwood’s “ I-Charger” the definitive new-generation leader in its field.

Units are available right now for the Chrysler Hemi and Viper family of vehicles. Models for General Motors, LS family, Ford’s new Modular and Toyota – Lexus vvTi series, with other makes being released in the very near future.

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