Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hemi Predictions come true and what next? By Mike

Hemi, reported three years ago on how the oil giants will transformed the 'supply and demand' model and move it to the speculation Future Commodities Market. Now, he reported last year this model will eventually move into other sectors of the market, food, metals, and others areas. We are now facing our grains, fruits, and other food products are heading into that arena. He stated, to end this version model, is to close the Future Markets doors.

Noting his ability to foresee this, he also reported that the oil companies, when the prices begin to skyrocket to the point of no-return, they will begin the process of lowering the drill sites output to keep the artificial demand if someone from the news media would investigate. It actual occurred in California. How it began the journey of 12 milbpd to now 1.3milbpd. It will be felt across the world eventually as greed and those who want a greener earth become involve, in trying to move the energy thirst in another alternative fuel source. He reported that we are the largest known reserve in the world, not only in Midwest [2 trillion barrels] but offshore and the arctic controlled US sector. With big government gaining every opportunity to real in the tax windfall from each gallon sold, there are in no position to stop this speculator model.

Eventually, he said, the consumer will begin the revolt and head in another direction. This is what we are seeing now through the globe. Even in the US, tracking the weekly and annual reports from a non-bias capturing energy data site, it reveals the glut of oil, within both storage and distilled is growing at an alarming rate since 2006. Also, output in both oil drill sites and distillery are down to counteract this impact.

He reported that the auto industry should bother with Fuel Cells since it will again be controlled by big oil but rather go the plug-n-play all electrics or upcoming magnetic pulse engines. Anything to bring down this industry and improve the overall automotive sector.

He also reported back in 2002 that oil will hit 150 dollar a barrel by 2010 if we do not do something about what is hidden from the consumers. Consumers as he said, are minions of the media and believe everything that is reported as the gospel. They will not bother research the truth and careless what is happening but would whine about it. We laughed when he mentioned this.

He talked about Honda and Toyota will have to dig deep in there profit margin to keep the sales on target to the point of giving away the vehicles to the consumer. Not bad for the consumer but overall hurt the manufacture bottom line. We are now seeing this as Toyota profit margin dropped by 28 percent last quarter.

Can Chrysler survive this? He said yes. Seeing Chrysler controls by Mercedes is gone, they have the expertise, engineering, and the ability to make changes to the overall auto sector. He noted, using Hybrid as a current band-aid, they should get away from both Ethanol and oil driven vehicles. This is what the public wants, he stated.

We have to wait and see if Chrysler would be the first auto manufacture to make that leap. Mike

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