Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008 Mr Norm's Dodge Hemi Ram 1500 Super Truck

(from Mr. Norm's Press Release) Mr. Norm’s Super Truck- Online Auction During Chicago Auto Show to kick-off first new Mr. Norm’s model in 35 years.

The 2008 Mr. Norm’s HEMI Ram 1500 Super Truck is built on the formula that made Mr. Norm famous; fueling passion while respecting the person. That is demonstrated once more in this collectible truck you can really drive. When Mr. Norm ordered performance oriented Mopars new at Grand Spaulding Dodge, he configured each batch to be the best model possible for performance upgrade, carefully choosing the options he knew his customers wanted, allowing them to personalize each vehicle once they took delivery. This time tested approach shows why Mr. Norm is still the King of High Performance. The result is a 2008 Super Truck that gives you real performance, real personalization, and real collectible value delivered at a tremendous value and convenience.

2008 Mr Norm's Dodge Hemi Ram 1500 Super Truck2008 Mr Norm's Dodge Hemi Ram 1500 Super Truck-2The Mr. Norm’s Concept Super Truck has certainly generated tremendous buzz, premiering at SEMA as the lead vehicle in the Sony Exhibit, being featured in the Dodge Exhibit at numerous auto shows, and earning a ton a magazine coverage. A steady stream of Mopar Enthusiasts began calling in asking if there were any Super Trucks left, eager to put down pre-build deposits. Now that the build have been authorized to begin, we don’t expect that the remainder of the 100 unit build to last very long. It takes approximately 12 weeks to build and deliver a Mr. Norm’s Super Truck (NST). With the ’08 production run ending in late April, the most owners should have their truck just in time for the summer driving season.

You can be one of only 100 to own a Limited Edition Mr. Norm’s Super Truck including for as low as $32,275. Even fully loaded with available Performance Proven ™ upgrades, a 4x2 standard cab comes to about $42,000 before tax, title, & license with estimating cash incentives.

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